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I'm taking the plunge

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Well, I am 52 years old and was told I had prostate cancer first week of Jan07.PSA 5.8 Gleason 6 and stage T2A or T1C depending on physician I talked to. My father died of the disease in 1994 after 5 years of living with it. Believe me, to die from prostate cancer is a nasty painful way to go. Well i've gotten 3 opinions and decided on Da vinci laproscopic. Going under the knife on May 10th. I changed my mind every day it seems. (lol)Something tells me that within 10 years, surgery will not be the gold standard. There will be new and less invasive ways of treating it. If you are newly diagnosed I can only say, take your time and read as much as you can. Every case is different and only you can decide whats best for yourself. YANA is a good site to read about patients and their stories and progress reports. Good Luck to all and keep the faith.


ps I hope that I don't develope ED from surgery.

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Hey Steve -- just had the RP done last Thursday -- not the worst thing in the world - home mending.

If you did the research and got 2 or 3 opinions -- then you made the best decision for you -- stick with it. The mental part of it is over -- the shock of the DX, meeting the docs, research, anxiety, etc.

The time to May will pass quickly -- do whatever you have to to get ready and in shape

God Bless


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I did the DaVinci on 2/12/07 and all is going very well. The catheter came out a week later and was a very welcomed experience. Looking back, although I feared alot, it went much more favorable than I expected. The urinary leakage was not as bad as I expected and in fact, I have been dry for three weeks now. I am now just waiting for erection functionality to come back. Good luck - the worst time I felt was between diagnosis and the day of surgery. Don't know if you have done so, but I watched several webcasts of the surgery before I experienced it. If you choose to do so, just google radical prostatectomy webcast and the links will come up. Good Luck & Relax. I am 49yo.

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Steve, I think you are making the right decision. You are still very young and your scores are low. I am 60 and had Lapro on 12/27/06. Had the catheter for two weeks. No serious incontence problems and no ED problems. I am taking Cialis and having better sex now than before surgery. I cannot over emphazise the importance of having a good surgeon. The surgeon is as important as the procedure. Travel to a good surgeon, if necessary. My surgeon has performed over 3,000 surgeries and still does 4 every week.
My father had PC at 62. He lived 22 more years and died of heart problems.
Keep the faith....there is life after PC. You will be fine. Again, you are making a good decision, just ensure the surgeon is the best.
Keep us posted on your progress.

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Best of luck to ya, Steve. I think you are making the right decision. Where will you be having the robotic surgery done? I had mine done at Strong Memorial in Rochester, NY almost two years ago by Dr. Jean Joseph, who has done lots of these. I'm cancer free now but have incontence and impotence issues, but hopefully will recover fully in time. Bill Ennis, Towanda, PA

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I have been looking for a message such as yours since my diagnosis of my T1c, Gleason 6 and a 5.09 PSA. It was interesting to note that my Urologist recommended either one of two procedures....removal (via DaVinci) or the seed implants. Considering I am 51 it appeared from my research that the seed option would have been considered if I were "much" older. Despite that, I am leaning toward removal. Did your Dr. give you any options?

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