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I Need Your Help (again)

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Please could you keep my Father in your prayers tomorrow. Everything is such a mess right now. Just to give you a brief recap...He was dxed with tongue cancer in Jan, had surgery March 19 on March 27 we found out he had colon cancer went to his family dr and had a chest xray and booked a CT scan, Mar 28 found out the tongue was clear, Mar 29 got 2 calls that the lungs were clear and on the 30th had the CT scan. Fast forward to this morning...He woke up and the nodes on the same side as the surgery site are swollen (have been since Saturday-now it has become noticable when you look at him), called the oral surgeon who wants to see him in the am. He came home to a message from the family drs office saying they want him to pick up his X-ray to have it checked there is a bit of a problem...It is related to the thoratic spine and it has been there since (at least) March 06 x-ray Feb 07 no change, March 07 it says there is a subtle change in obacity of the overlying thoratic spine and it is not as well defined as on the current xray but it is essentially unchanged in size. My Father is a wreck. How many times can one office drop the ball so to speak. Please keep my parents in your thoughts tomorrow.

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Your father is in my prayers tonight. I hope all goes well. Keep believing..


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Your dad and family will be in my prayers. The not knowing seems to be the worst part of dealing with this disease. Keep the faith. Monica

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Sorry to hear about your father. I hope you will learn soon what you are dealing with. The unknown is always the hardest. I hope you can find faith and find a doctor that you feel comfortable with that you can trust. I will keep your family in my prayers.


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With so many isues with this Drs office, have you considered a second opinion?

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We will pray for you and your dad.
Jo Ann

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Paula, you and your family have been through alot. Since your father just had the tongue surgery and the nodal swelling is fairly sudden the odds are that the swelling relates to something like an infection rather than the cancer itself. The lymph node system acts like the oil filter in a car. They pick up debris that is returning, eventually to the heart, to filter it out and allow the body's immune system to work on it. A sudden swelling usually relates to an infection. Getting it checked, of course, as you are doing is the best way to find out. It would be nice if your doctor told you just what the concern is with the thoracic spine x-ray. Again, I would urge you to get copies of all tests, operative reports, scans etc your father has had. That is his right and would be helpful if you get another opinion (which I would urge). What city do you live in, is there a city nearby with a major cancer care center?

Your father, you and your family are in our prayers.


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I just went back and read your previous post indicating that you are in Ontario. I don't know how the system works there but have heard that takes a long time to get things done. However, if the tech told you that the report is available then I expect that it is and your doctor could get it. You may want to go down to Sloan-Ketterling or someplace like that but would need your scans, x-rays etc and reports.


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