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herbal treatments?

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hello everyone,

Just a question, Ive been doing research about cancer treatments and have read about herbal or supplements, and have read some pretty incredible claims. Have any of you ever tried these herbs or supplements and did they have any positive effects. there are sooooo many claims out there and I'm willing to try anything that will help beat my cancer from coming back.
thank for all your comments and god bless.

thanks Dale

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Hi Dale,
I am a Stage IV survivor (you can read my personal web page) and I would strongly recommend that you consult a N.D. (naturopathic physician) who specializes in cancer patients. If you happen to be in the Seattle are there is the NorthWest Natural Health Clinic, or Rainbow Natural Remedies (Dr. John Shermann). At any rate, even if you are not, perhaps you can contact Bastyr University (naturopathic university) in Washington State and ask for a referal to someone in your area. There are indeed many herbs and supplements that you can be taking that are very effective. There are herbs that are anti-inflammatory that block the Cox-2 enzyme responsible for many colorectal tumors growth. There are immune boosting supplements that can help your body destroy cancer cells, there are supplements that can help you relax and lower anxiety, there are many antioxidants as you probably already know. There is a strong relationship between an "acidic" diet and cancers ability to thrive in the body. I must stress to you though that it is not only a matter of taking supplements, it is also a matter of changing your diet, exercise and your overall thinking/frame of mind. All of these can go a long way to helping you survive cancer and go on to lead a healthy life.
It is an overall mind/body/spirit process in my opinion.
A great book is called Herbal Medicine, Healing, and Cancer by Donald R. Yance....check it out.
Also, I recommend massage and acupuncture! All this has worked for me. One supplement I take daily which is supposed to boost your killer T-cells is IP-6 w/ Inositol (Cell Forte Brand), you can probably find it at Whole Foods or another natural foods store. I also take Modified Citrus Pectin, Tumeric, Omega-3, etc.
Best wishes,

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hi Dale,

I echo Susan's post and add that I took Essiac Tea that I obtained from my Tradtional Chinese Medicine practitioner. I did all my "treatments" with her, but I also consulted a Naturopathic Doctor in Minnepolis/St. Paul who tweaked my supplements list.

I only did alternative holistic treatments for my Stage III colon cancer after I had surgery to remove my tumor. Two lymphs tested positive for cancer but I did not have mets. They advised adjuvant chemo which I declined and spent the next 6 months do some pretty intensive holistic protocols--many of which Susan mentioned.

My best weapon was researching my options and educating myself on cancer. I opted to search out and treat the ROOT CAUSE of my cancer rather than just manage the disease and treat symptoms. I have been 5 years 8 months cancer free and I STILL work on the root causes and focus on prevention.

I am still researching and educating myself and it's great to see that you are researching also. I think it is so key to find alternatives in improving our health and preventing a preventable disease.

Currently I am reading a book called Becoming Vegan and in it there is a report done by a cancer research group (I don't have the book in front of me to look) but it says that in cancer Alcohol is a big cause of cancer--much like smoking and lung cancer. It was implicated in 7 types of cancer--colon cancer being one!! I didn't know that! Even more than meat eating! wow!

Anyway....back to the herbals....I did a bunch of herbal remedies that were chinese herbs besides the Essiac Tea. I also took medicinal mushrooms, ate vegan microbiotically, juiced fresh organic veggie juices (3 quarts/day--according to Max Gerson you drink 13 glasses of juice a day--one per hour) and took a ton of vitamin and supplements.

Hope this helps.

peace, emily

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I'm no expert....just, please, if you are doing the traditional treatment of chemotherapy, discuss the herbal supplements before you start them....some CAN have serious sides when mixed.
I followed a bit of traditional, nutritional, and spiritual practices during my fights...and I found that to be the best for me....

Hugs, kathi

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Hi. I echo Kathi's post. If you are doing chemo, check with your oncologist before taking any supplements. Good luck & God Bless.

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A really good reference for this is Patrick Quillin's book -- Beating Cancer with Nutrition. He goes over a lot of what supplements to take with what chemos and for which cancers.

peace, emily

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I started with 8 months of chemo until the side effects got the best of me. Then I switched to recommendations I got from a Naturopathic Doctor who also has a PhD in Clinical Nutrition. I was stage IV with 3 mets in my liver and 1 in my left lung. A year after I changed my diet and much of my lifestyle, I heard NED (no evidence of disease).

I agree with everyone else, try to find someone to help you and make sure your oncologist is on board. I share everything with mine.

Lisa P.

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Hi Dale,

Check out this web site. It's published by the well known Sloan Kettering cancer center. It has a lot of information on herbs and lot of clinical data to back up their claims. I found this to be an incredible source of studied information. The link is http://www.mskcc.org/mskcc/html/11790.cfm.

Good luck in your search!


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I just checked this website. It's wonderful. More information than I have seen in other places. I had been trying to research articles on alternative treatments and this has so much of it.
Thank you.

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Dale, I am a physician and cancer survivor. I am stage 4, but hanging in there. Scouty (Lisa P.) suggested I find a nutritionist with a PhD and I did; using the phone book. She has been great; but I take a LOT of pills each day. However, I will continue to do so because I tolerate chemo great and all my blood work is NORMAL!!! (I can still eat sushi). I go to MD ANderson for my care and my onc told me I can take whatever herbs/vitamins I want as long as no strange side effects start. I have been fine. I have been on chemo for over 1.5 years straight and I do sooo well.

Definately worth investigating. jana

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