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Hello again!

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Hi to all, it's been awhile since I posted but like most, I read the postings almost daily.

Well, I managed to get in with the best onc around, which was questionable at one time. I just got out of the hospital a few hours ago. He likes to hospitalize the first go around to watch an reactions.

While there I didn't have nausea or vomiting. I did develop the tingly fingers and feet and throat immediately. Hard to remember not to pick up anything cold. As soon as they took out the IV I started getting nauseous. I have already lost my appetite which is so hard for me, I don't know what to eat. I drank some Ensure when I got home, tried to stop and get a bite on the way home but we had to leave due to me wanting to throw up.

Has anyone experienced anticipatory nausea? I've read about it and was wondering if this sounds right? There is something about being hospitalized, I have associated a "smell" now everytime I'm in there. Everything smells like that smell, even my clothes when I came home. My food even began to smell like it when I in the hospital. Am I nuts or is this all possible? My main concern is how to make myself eat when absolutely nothing sounds or looks or smells good. I did this after my colon surgery while I was in the hospital.

Any ideas or suggestions and thanks.


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