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Very concerned once again

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Hi girls, I just had my beautiful baby boy last March 18th.. I`m very happy but also very worried, sad and stressed. I had posted before that my Mom was having some pain under her right rib...this has been off and on for about 2 months... so she had a Abdominal- Pelvic CT Scan, Chest X-Rays, Ultrasound of her gallbladder, liver, etc last month... and everything came out o.k. But for 2 straight weeks she has had the pain that goes away with pain killers and then it comes back. The pain now is under her right rib and goes all the way to her back. We told her Dr. and I asked if it could be gastritis and he said he is afraid the cancer is back because it sometimes doesn`t appear on the tests. So what good are they for? The Dr. says gastritis doesn`t feek like that and that she shouldn`t be having pains.. he said that most probably something is there. (almost as if he were sure). He ordered a PET- CT Scan she took this Saturday.
Has anyone felt something similar?
I am praying with all my heart that everything is fine. I feel so helpless with a new born that I can't leave and I have always looked after my Mommy. Now I can't even take her to the Dr. This is the worse thing that has happen to me. Please I ask all for some prayers and good wishes. LIZ

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Hi Liz, First of all, congratulations on your new baby boy! How wonderful for you! And, as a grandmother myself, I'm sure your mother is estatic!!!! I've never had the pain you are talking about with your mother, but I am wondering if you know what her CA-125 number is? That is the tumor marker number and can most often point to a recurrence of the cancer. I'm sure your doctor had that blood test taken. So, her Pet-scan was yesterday? So, by Wednesday you should get a report on that. We will all be thinking about you and your mother, and praying that they can find out what is causing her so much pain. Try not to worry so much, okay? Here's sending love and hugs your way, MichaelaMarie

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Congrats on the baby! I wouldn't worry so much until you have the results of the CT scan and also, as Keelie mentioned the CA125. I've had pain off and on and it's just from the surgeries that I've had and also, lifting Grandchildren, no matter how small they are can cause muscle pains too. So has your Mom been lifting that Grandson of hers? Sometimes we don't realize what muscles we have until we strain them. Anyway, my prayers are with you and your Mom. Let us know how things turn out. Take care.

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Congratulations Liz! That is just wonderful news. But I'm sorry that your joy seems overshadowed by your concern for your Mom, understandably so. But I agree with everyone - don't worry too much right now. See what the PET scan shows, if anything. I had my first OVCA in 2000 and a recurrance in 2006. Since 2001/2002 I have had the pain on the right under the ribs that moves to the back. I've had all the tests to rule out gall bladder, liver, etc., including my usual CT's, MUGA scan, HIDA scan, etc. Nothing ever showed up in the area. The pain comes and goes. I actually notice it when I sleep on my right side. Other times during the day I try to relate it to something I ate, etc. But we just can't figure it out. I asked the doctor if it could be related to all the surgeries, but didn't get a definitive answer.

So, for now, just take care of you and your baby. At least you can still call your mom and talk to her when she needs you. Let us know what the test results are.

Love and hugs,

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Thanks for responding... so you have had that pain since the beginning? Is it very painful?Does it come and go? Does it increase sometimes? Sorry to ask so much I'm trying to relate and be hopeful. We still have to have her CA 125 taken too. I hope it's just stress..I'll let you know.
Thanks for your good wishes.
Love Liz

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First let me say congrats on the sweet baby boy..what is his name??
Now about the pain..I have had terrible back pain since this all started, all kinds of tests were done and nothing was seen,finally my onc sent me to a pain mgmt. Dr., turns out I have nerve damage from the masses pushing against the nerve endings in my lower back area,,,so maybe it's related to your Moms pain as well...I;ll be saying a prayer for your Mom that it's just her over doing it a bit!!! (((hugz)))..Joanne

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Thanks Joanne, I hope it's something like that.
My baby boy's name is Matias Tadeo. I live in Mexico so the translation to that is Mathew - Tadeus(as is Saint Jude Tadeus). Thanks for your good wishes. LIZ

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