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Know anything about VA Insurance?

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Hi all -

I just now found out that my 3 year old granddaughter's (who knew?) "other grandfather" - her mother's father - has been diagnosed with Stage II liver cancer.

They tell him that in spite of it "just" being Stage II, he is in partial liver failure already. He feels fine right now. They tell him that he needs a liver transplant, that he can't have one for 6 months, because he needs to drink no alcohol for 6 months. They also tell him they won't treat him out of concern that the chemo could negatively interact with the liver compromise. A rock and a hard place.

He believes he can't get a second opinion - VA being his only option and not much choice there. I know VA is not the same as active military, but I also know some military folks have posted here regarding access to non-military facilities.

Does ANYONE know anything about getting a second opinion when your healthcare is provided by VA and you don't have enough $$ to fund second opinions on your own?


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Betsy -

Give me a shout... there may be a couple of options for him, but i wouldneed to ask you some questions to help nail-down which option is best.

You know the e-mail address, or you can hit me here on the CSN mail system.

- Bob

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