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I could just scream...Some People!!!

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First let me thank all of you. You are a wealth of information and I (and my family) don't know how to thank you all enough.
Well this just keeps getting better and better. My Dad had his CT scan yesterday and we were told that the results would be accessible by the computer later that day and the Doctor could log on and get them anytime. My Father left there and called the secretary at the surgeons office who was absolutely rude (and has been since his first appt. She told him that basically he needed to wait 2-3 weeks to get the results because thats how long it takes. He then told her that he had spoken to the tech and they could access them via computer anytime he was told that that was news to her. In the end he begged explaining that he now is having his second round of cancer in 2 months and to please let him in next week so we could get the ball rolling she told him to call her at 3:20 on Tuesday and there is a slim chance that she could fit him in at the end of the day but there would be no results and he'd still have to come back. She also said that she is not promising that he is going to get in. There is only a slim chance. My Father is going nuts. We got the X-ray of his chest and its clear. His head and neck CT is clear we are only waiting for the liver. His lesion was 2cms and we are not sure if this is big or small in relation to potential spread. Any insight on that would be greatly appreciated. I need to calm him down or the cancer is going to be the least of our worries.
Thanks again

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I had 3 nodules on my liver. One was 7.0x4.0cm and another was 9.5x8.5x5.cm, and there were 10 out of 36 lymph nodes that were positive. After my liver and colon resection, I had the standard chemo treatment which ended a year ago. So far I have been NED and hope to continue that way, however, one of the things a person realizes when facing this is that "Hey, we are all going to die of something, and he may last longer than you do."
Are we going to go down fighting? You bet!
Jo Ann

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Was this reply meant for this post?
Just curious, I would think it was to the other post (above)?

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I thought size was a question in relation to her dad's stress and am responding to that. I don't think the size is a big problem here if he doesn't have but one lesion. That of course will need to be decided by the doc.

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Oh, sorry.....I would be going crazy too if that happened to me. As if we don't have enough on our plates w/o people being all rude on top of everything else! (my landlord is one of THOSE PEOPLE!!)

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Well, I am sorry you have to deal with this lady...
Anyway, I would ask to speak to the nurse, not the secretary, or the P.A. I usually get my scan results at least by the 2nd day, and sometimes the very next day. Another option would be to e-mail your surgeon. My surgical oncologist is very accessible by e-mail, so is my GI surgeon. They usually respond that same day, or the next morning at the very latest.
Good luck,

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I am so sorry - I agree with Susan - ask to speak with a nurse. If that doesn't work, ask to leave a message for the doctor. I always get my scan results in 2 days, sometimes the next day. My first post diagnosis / pre surgery CT scans were ordered by my GI doc at a pretty standard, multi-purpose radiology facility (not the one I presently use). My surgeon, who was not even the one to order the scans, had results in 2 days.

You and your Dad should not have to go through this. I also would not hesitate to call the radiology facility and find out if results are ready. Those results belong to you. It shouldn't be necessary, but you could go pick them up yourself and there is NO way it takes 2-3 weeks to get CT scan results!

I am sorry for your frustration and hoping you can find a way thru this,
Take care,

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Scan results are available in a few days at most. Hopefully your dad's surgeon is far better than the secretary who sets up the appointments. Your dad needs to get in to see the surgeon and the surgeon should be able to access the ct information with a simple phone call or , as was in my husbands' case , pull up the scan right on his computer. Also, you may want to talk to your dads primary regular physician about his stress level. I'm not a big advocate of anti anxiety meds, but they can help in certain situations.
Perhaps a mild one would be of benefit.Good luck and God Bless

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GGGGGGGRRRRRR!!!! This very thing grates on my nerves. I fortunately have a # to get my own results off the dictation line but it is soooo frustrating that these doc's think we should wait up to 2-3 days much less wks. I have never had to wait for results, usually by the time I get home from scan I can call the # and my results are there so I don't believe these offices that say they cant get it, if I can get mine just a couple hrs after scan surely these docs could call their pts with results by the next day. I bet if they had to get these scans they would want theirs ASAP and would probably get them without ?. Like someone else said, I would call radiology dept and tell them you want to come pick up a copy of the report. Wishing your dad NED and a wonderful Easter Season.


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How about going to the radiology dept. and aasking for a print-out of the results. They are your results. I have neverhad any problems...I sometimes have to call the film library, but sometimes not. Give it a try. All the best - Maura

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I agree with calling the radiology department. AND I would DEFINATELY share your RUDE treatment with the doctor....he probably doesn't know....my beau had a front gal that would yell at his patients....finally one day, one complained directly to him....he handled it right then, and an appology was forthcoming.
You don't need this sort of treatment....things are stressful enough!!!

On the size issue...my 2cm lesion hadn't gone anywhere. One lymph node only looked 'interested'. (Sorry, old joke...I still find it hilarious!).
A patient's medical records are his property, by law. I would go that route, if this hag in the doctor's office is not willing to calm some fears.

Sorry you have this, too!!!! Sigh!!!! Don't they realize that this may just be a job to them, but this is our LIFE to us?????

Hugs, kathi

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We leave the scan facility with a disk of my husband's scans (not that I can read it). But, I have been able to pick out a little. Then the next day, I call the center and they fax me a copy of the report.

I would not wait days or weeks for the results. Discuss this with the Dr. and see what he suggests.

Also, my pet peeve on this is that not everyone wants to get their news in the same way. My husband and I both prefer to have the report before the Dr. visit so that we can do some research and come up with questions. Sometimes we just need time to compose ourselves so that we can discuss it. Not being in the medical profession, I have to look up and see where in the body it is. It is as if they think that being face to face with the Dr. will help or change the news.


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It is very distressing to read what you and your family have to go through to get care. What city do you live in? Are there other doctors? That doctor should be informed of what his assistant told you. If he puts up with it I would consider another doctor. Those scans are usually read that day or the next and the reports quickly available with a little effort by the doctor's office. If you don't get the report on Tuesday, contact the Imaging Center and ask for a copy of the report. It is your father's body and he has a right to the report. I get all my reports but since I am a physician it is easier for me. The treatment you have received is a sad commentary on the profession.


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We live in Canada. In Ontario to be exact. The latest is now the chest x-ray that was clear (confirmed by family doctor and by nurse Thursday) is no longer clear. The doctor didn't read the entire report only the info on lungs. It reads that there is a subtle area of increased obacity overlying the thoracic spine which is not as well defined as in previous xrays dating back as far as Mar 06. It goes on to say that the area is essentially unchanged in size. It feels like its one thing after the other. We also followed up with the surgeons office who will be handling the colon cancer and the secretary told my Father that there are alot of people waiting for results and they have waited alot longer than he has. As of yesterday afternoon the results were still not in. This is so difficult.

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