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Good news/bad news

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Hello to all...for some reason I had tried to post this message last night but it did not go through. I wanted to first share the great news with everyone that Mike had his first colonoscopy since dx. in Sept 05 and all is great!!Still NED!!!
Now for the bad news. In Nov. 06 my mom was dx. with bladder cancer, they removed her ureter (where the tumor was found), one kidney and cuff of bladder. They originally told us that they MAY do precautionary chemo, but first would like to do a ct, and bone scan. We just got the results back on Thurdays and were horrified to learn the results. The cancer had spread since her last Ct in November to her lung, spine, bladder, and liver. She sat there so strong and took it so well, me, I cried like a big baby! I guess foolish me, I figured we went though it and beat it with Mike, so it would not hit again! The oncologist has told us that even if we do chemo, it will not "cure" her, it will just help to keep it in control. Then he went on to tell my mom about all of the toxins from the chemo and what it will do to her and she is very scared. Then the last straw was that after he told us everything, he said that all this may not matter anyhow, because she may not be a candidate for chemo because of only having one kidney, and it is not functioning as well as it should. I want to give her every opportunity available, and the oncologist has simply said that we have lots of questions, but he does not have answers for us right now, but perhaps we should just take the wait and see approach and treat symptoms as they arise...she will never be NED, and that her cancer is very agressive..we feel he was saying he can buy her some time with chemo, but it is quality of life vs. quantity of life. Anyhow, I know some of you on here have had success with alternative treatments. I really need some advice, books, where to look for alternative solutions, is juicing something we should be looking at? We live in Canada (ontario), and any help would be so appreciated..we got such great advice from everyone when Mike was first dx.
I am sorry for posting this on the colorectal board, it is just that I think you guys are great, and hopefully there will be even one person who can lead me in the right direction...please pray for us.

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ON my email here, give me your personal email address and I will send you 2 things I wrote up about what I did and some of the whys.

Lisa P.

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It did go through, but it's already on the next page of posts! lol...you made me think I was hallucinating since I responded to that other post, then I began to question if I really saw it in the first place! lol



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How do I send you an email? I have never done that before and I am looking around to try and figure out how to send you one....not very computer smart I have to say...I really can't wait to hear what you have to say, please let me know

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See underneath the posts there are those little symbols and one of them is an envelope? You just click on that and then you can send someone an e-mail! When you log on to the site it will tell you on the right hand side when you have an e-mail waiting for you!
Best wishes,

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HI. Great news on Mike, but I'm sorry to hear about your Mom. I'm not opposed to alternative methods by any means, but I also suggest if at all possible , your mom get another oncologist opinion, perhaps at a major cancer center, if you haven't done so already. Second, and sometime third opinions vary widely. God Bless and don't give up hope.

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I second the second opinion.

Awhile back, I shared the story of my young friend who was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer, 9 lesions on the liver, and one suspicion node at the aorta. They said there was nothing that could help. And no surgery. HE and his wife pushed for chemo...VERY agressive....and, 3 months later he became a surgical candidate. 60% of his liver, 12" of colon, and his gall bladder was removed. 2 months after that....he is NED!!!!! And going back to work part time!!!!

HOPE is an awesome thing....PLEASE don't let mom lose hers.....she has such a grand example with Mike!!!

Hugs, Kathi

(BTW....Naked happy dance for Mike!!!! YEA YEA YEA YEA YEA YEA YEA!!!)

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