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daughter update

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Hullo dear friends. I will try to get involved asap in the board again but for this morning I wanted to post before I need to go out again.
Thank you all so much for your kind words and prayers. The CT and EEG went well yesterday I am so relieved to say. My daughter, Mieka(pretty name, don't yah think?) came thru with no abnormalities on the brain that they could see. However, the neurology specialist she was referred to was not available for an indepth look into the results so one of her radiologist staff gave us her interpretation on the scans. At this time it is not determined the cause of the siezure. Her symptoms were described by paramedics as looking like all the signs of epilepsy. Mieka was unconcious for about 20 minutes with extreme body spasms as well as incontinence. She remembers nothing of the event and doctors at emergency were told by paramedics that what they saw was conducive of an epileptic fit.
Mieka's drivers licence is automatically suspended for 6 months pending dx and prognosis outcome. We now have to wait until 12th april to see the neurologist and were told that an MRI on her brain will be done at that time. So some news is good news. Thankfully no tumour was found on the CT but they say it is necessary for an MRI to be done as this will present a more accurate picture.
Mieka is fine at the moment apart from being extremely muscle sore due to the convulsions and muscle spasms, tired and generally fatigued.
Thank you all once again for your support. Jen and I sincerely appreciate it. Kerry...I will mail you asap.
huggs to all, Ross, Jen and Mieka
(yes.....she knows all about you guys!)

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Kathi.....thank you for the advice on hormone testing. I have written it in my diary to raise the subject with the neurologist in april.
huggs, Ross
ps....with all tha dancin' yah do don't yah get sore tootsies?...lol!

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You are in my thoughts, dearheart...let me know if you need any of my plethera of data...sigh....I would HATE for her to be treated incorrectly...the anti-seizure drugs, although VERY good for preventing the grand mal type, can be a bit disconcerting for the person taking them...the sides need to be looked at...

Hugs, from the naked dancing fool!!!!! hehehehehe!


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Am so glad that the ct & eeg went well. I can imagine your relief . It's a very good sign. Can't imagine your anxiety . Sounds like they are doing a very thorough workup and testing on her. Prayers for a positive outcome and God Bless

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Mieka is a lovely name! I'm glad to hear the scan went well. You are all in my prayers. Kate

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I am glad your daughter is feeling better.


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Im so sorry to hear what happen to Mieka and yes it is a pretty name. I hope the tests come back ok. My sister has had two seizures in the last 10 years and they never found out what it was. The only thing they could think was she was on Welbutron for depression. Hope all works out. Mindy

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we will keep on praying for the best

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Thanks for the update Ross.
Glad to hear the good report.

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Thank you for taking the time to update us regarding your daughter. I know you are like me...doing anything to me, but mess with my kids, and it's a whole new ballgame!

My prayers are with you all that you find answers that everyone can live with. Not knowing things is the worst, so hang in there!



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Oh Kanga, I just was reading up... I am in Houston and don't get to the computer daily..

I am so very sorry you and your family are dealing with more health issues. Please tell Mieka she is officially on the prayer list, and that I hope she continues to get good news/results. UGH.

I am sorry you have to wait 2 weeks to see the specialist... waiting is so tough.

We are all there with you... all my love, jana

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Dear Ross and Jen -

I am so glad that things so far are good with respect to your daughter. I'll be thinking of her when she has her 4/12 MRI - it is hard to wait that long, but it will be hear before you know it and the preliminary results already sound good.

Take care all,

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Thank you all for your prayers and support. Phew...things have been hectic here. It is about 1 1/2 hours from here to the medical clinics and driving my gal around the last 3 days has been tiring. Mieka stayed with us initially and we left her with close friends yesterday who will keep and eye on her for the next few days. She is hoping to return to work after the weekend. At the moment she is fine abliet very sore from the muscle spasms. Jen and I are both worried about the family history of cancer but for now at least the CT/.EEG have shown no tumours. The MRI with better detail is now what we are praying will come up negative for any signs of a tumour. I must admit that sleeping has been difficult...Meika has me wrapped around her little finger and I would be so depressed if she had a serious problem. Typical dad I am I guess....our "little" girls never really grow up.
Love to you all, Ross and Jen

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Hi Ross Jen and Mieka, what a beautiful name. I have some idea what you are going through after caring for my son for the last 15 years, as you know. I will constantly keep you all in my prayers, and for all your sakes I do hope they find the reason for the seisure. I know you will look after your little girl as I look after my little 31 year old son.

My love and continued best wishes to you three.


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I'm glad to hear that your daughter is feeling better.
I'm sending positive thoughts and energy your way for a good MRI.
Take care,

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