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Get Your Rear in Gear!

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Since I began my affair with NED on March 7th, 2007, I am trying to get back into walking/running and doing all the things I have enjoyed pre-chemo days.

As cancer patients and survivors we are trying to bring awareness to Colon Cancer to the general public. The Colon Cancer Coalition and Colon Cancer Alliance are helping to sponsor annual walk/run fests similar to the Susan G. Komen "Race for the Cure". The colon cancer race is appropriately called, "Get Your Rear in Gear" and the main focus is to bring awareness that this disease is preventable, treatable and beatable.

This Sunday, April 1 the race will be held here in Austin, TX and I plan to participate with my family and several friends. If you are interested in supporting this event check out the website: www.getyourrearingear.com

This was started in memory of a young women (42 years) who died from colon cancer. She was a fighter and did her best to bring awareness to everyone she came into contact with.

Check out the website and see if this event is coming to your area or contact them if you are interested in bringing it to your area.

Let's fight this disease!! So that means, get your rear in gear!!!!


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Wow, Kerry - I can't believe that this took place in Washington, DC a mere 4 days ago and I NEVER HEARD A THING ABOUT IT! We definitely still need to raise awareness about CRC.

My personal campaign is with primary care physicians - not only should 50 not be looked at as the magic colonsocopy age, BUT primary care physicians should describe the procedure to their patients and let them know just how easy the procedure itself is - how you have no clue what is going on. I know it is just not me - I don't blame my internist for the fact that I didn't get a colonoscopy at 50, but it is really the case that if I had known just how unaware you were of what was going on, I would have gotten one sooner. And that might have made a big difference in staging. I have explained this to my internist (and he actually seemed somewhat chagrined and seemed to think this was a reasonable comment.) Somehow, we need to get info out there about how easy the screening is (ok, the prep sucks, but that is not what most people worry about).

Congratulations on your NED status - that is so wonderful! Enjoy the race.


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I agree, we need to get this information out. This activity is going to be Saturday, March 31 in Minneapolis at Lake Harriet. I'm ready.


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Thanks for the info! I am a member of the California Colorectal Cancer Coalition (C4...hehehhee).
I am passing this along....it would be GREAT to have one in California!!!!

Hugs, Kathi

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You bet it would! Thanks, Kathi. I just met someone who is in contact with Sharon Osborne on a regular basis...I will check out if I can get the message to her that somethng like this might need a little push in CA.
Thanks, Kerry, and wishing you a fun time!

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Hi Kerry,
I went to the web site and couldn't find any place to contact them other than making donation. Do you know if anything is going on in Michigan? Oh have a email to someone I can contact about starting something here. Thanks Sandy

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Hi Sandy,

Try contacting cindyiverson@getyourrearingear.com

She is one of the main organizers and I'm certain she can direct you to the person who can get the wheels going in Michigan.

Thanks so much for the interest. I would love to see this become as big as the Susan G. Komen race.

I'm ready to wipe out this disease.


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You go girlfriend!!! Have a great walk!!!

If walk = Rear in Gear, the colonoscopy must be Gear in Rear :-) heeheehee.

Kerry, you're an inspiration!


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