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Why a 2nd opinion?

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I just wanted to let eveyone know (who remembers) that my mother who was found to have 2 large polyps (pre cancerous adenomas), back in January and was told that she needed a colectomy to get them out, just had a 2nd colonoscopy at MD Anderson. They were able to remove the polyps, where the other doctor could not, so she does not have to have surgery after all! I am so relieved. She is 72 years old and I just dreaded her having to go through that at her age. I know, some people are running marathons at her age....so I am not refering to you all!!
In addition, the doctor at MD could not even find the second polyp that was referred to in her 1st colonoscopy report! Which leads me to think they may have been looking at the WRONG pictures when they were writing the final report! Isn't that scary to think they might not even be looking at your scan, etc??Also, after the first colonoscopy she was sent to a surgeon who suggested that she have her ENTIRE COLON REMOVED!
So, my point is, what a difference a doctor makes and what a difference a 2nd opinion makes! We were discussing how many people who would just blindly accept anything their doctors say, would end up with no colon in this case!
Another reason my Mom ended up in this pickle was because she waited 2 years instead of 1 year to return for her colonoscopy after finding multiple polyps...So go back when your doctor tells you to! Don't put it off!!
Susan (who has a colonoscopy this Friday! Wish me luck!)

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Susan, it's great that your mom doesn't have to have surgery! Yes it's wise to get a second opinion, and sometimes a third. I found that out many years ago when I had a thyroid tumor and the first doctor wanted to operate . The second put me on meds , which I would have wound up with no matter what, but no surgery! Good luck for an all clear on friday! Best wishes to your mom for a speedy recovery. God Bless

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I couldn't agree more Susan. I think one of the most common mistakes we make after we hear those stunning 3 words (you have cancer) is to do whatever that doc recommends. We are completely stunned at that time so it is very easy to do what is the most convenient.

There is no doubt in my mind that I would be dead today had I stayed with my original doc whose testing was so old fashioned it missed my liver and lung mets.

Many also decide to get treated close to home for the convenience of it all which I have to say could prove to not be the best idea given your individual circumstances.

The best thing a second opinion does is confirm or deny our original diagnosis and treatment recommendation/recommendations. I highly recommend the second opinion come from one of the over 120 comprehensive cancer centers if you are in the US (you can google to get the list and yes MD Anderson is on that list) if possible.

I am very happy you were able to talk your Mom into a second opinion and look how huge it ended up being for her.

I also wish you the very best with your upcoming colonoscopy. Keep us posted.

Lisa P.

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Great news about your mom Susan. And good luck on your colonoscopy...everything will turn out great! Monica

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Thank you for an excellent reminder. Every time I get cheap and wonder why we need a second opinion, I'll remember this post! ;) I hate paying for airline tickets, hotels, etc. - but the overall cost would be peanuts compared to needlessly removing an entire colon!!!!

Best of luck on your colonoscopy. You're in my prayers.


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