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Hi Semi-colons!

I've been away from the boards because illness (besides cancer) has struck my house. Stomach flu has kept me busy changing diapers and...doing laundry. Luckily it hasn't struck Jim or me, just the kids. Tonight is my first night back on the computer in quite a while.

Thanks for your messages. It made me feel good to hear from you. We're still here - I'm just a little behind!

Jim's cryoablation is rescheduled for April 4th because he's still coming off the Avastin. However; he started his new chemo regimen (FOLFIRI and Vectibix), and he seems to be doing relatively well. He got sick last night but he's doing better today.

Thanks for checking on us!


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Kate & Jim_
Glad to hear from you. It sounds as if you have had your hands full!! I will be saying prayers for Jim's cryoablation. My mom finished the cyberknife treatments and now we wait 8 weeks before the next scan. Oh, how I hate the waiting!! I am going to my parents house tomorrow because we are meeting with my mom's onc-always a joy..HA-HA!! My mom is thinking about starting the Avastin again. Let me know how the cryoablation goes.
God bless-

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Hi Kate. welcome back. Glad to hear Jim's ok and everyones feeling a little better . Wish him the best on the cryoblation. Be sure to let us know how he does. God Bless

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Good to hear from you! Sorry about the kids, but good to know that you and Jim didn't get the bug!

We will all want to be updated on how the cryoablation goes next week. Good luck with all of that. Will be thinking of you.

Stay healthy!!!!!


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