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Need Some Advice

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My sister was just diagnosed with stage III Ovarian Cancer, I am trying to help her the best I can however, I know nothing about this, reading stuff on the internet is scary and confusing. She starts her chemo in a few weeks, its so surreal she is so young, I don't know what to do for her I want to be strong for her but all I want to do is sit and cry sometimes.What can I do?

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How old is your sister and what chemo drugs will she start? There are so many things that you can do for her but the biggest thing will be to be there for her. Help her through by listening to her when she is scared and sending her cards to lift her spirits. Make sure she knows that she doesn't have to go through it alone. Be careful what you read. Every case is unique. There is a lot of information out there and it can be overwhelming. Have questions? Ask the ladies here. They have been through it and are a good source of information. Good luck and let us know how she does.

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Loeyann, dry your tears. You need to be a positive and encouraging force for your sister.
I preferred to be around people who were really upbeat and positive instead of the ones that were mourning me. From what I've read in this site, these ladies will be very supportive and informative. Hang in there, there is hope.
Praying for you both,

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i was just diagnosed in jan. and my sister has been a great help to me. she calls, has gone to doctor's appts. with me and went with me to texas to pick up my grandbaby for a visit. when i say i feel like doing something myself - she lets me. i only feel bad about three days after having chemo and then i feel fine. she calls to check up on me and lets me know she is there if i need her. she let's me know that i am in her prayers.
make sure someone is going to the doctor with her because she won't remember half of what the doctor says (at least i don't).
our prayers are with your family
email me if you would like to

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God Bless you for your love and concern for your sister, and your desire to help her. I'm in agreement with everyone that this is the place to come for support, advice and inspiration. And yes, it is often overwhelming when you try to research all of this. But knowledge is power - just become empowered by knowing what you can regarding your sister's particular situation. You can fill in some blank spots later, and helping her to keep a journal so that she'll have questions ready for her doctor visits.

Come back and ask anything and everything you'd like. There are many here who have tons of experience and can offer suggestions to ease this difficult journey.

Till then, love, hugs, AND prayers to you and your family!


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I agree with all the other ladies..just be there...my sister comes to all my appt.s as well as with me to my chemo. She takes notes, and asks the questions I forget to ask. I know what you mean about it being surreal..I felt that way also,but once it sunk in I got busy asking questions. I asked for my surgery reports as well as the pathology reports. Then I googled some of the things I didn't understand or I posted my questions on a board just like this one. So just be there for her, and if she needs help, then help her. Good luck..I'm sending prayers you and your sister's way...((((hugz))))..Joanne

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Loeyann, Cancer is a very scary word that throws the best of us for a loop, but you'll find many survivors of many types walking around everywhere, so don't despair! Your sister's prognosis and personal outlook is what you should look at. Cancer is not the killer it was at one time, but it is certainly not less scary.

Educate yourself on ovarian cancer, and help her find the answers to the questions she has. I'm a firm believer in "Knowledge is power", and if you have it, you'll have more control of the situation.

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