Tony Snow and Elizabeth Edwards...

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Regarding the news of the return of the beast for these two fine folks:it sure bums me out. I know there is still hope for both of them (there is always hope, right?) but I can't help feeling blue for them and their families. I hate the beast in all of its forms.

And hearing the news and all the chatter on these two well-known people makes me think of the possibilities of my own case and my own mortality. I had such a nice respite of non-worry there since my clear CAT scan back in January. Now I'm thinking about it all again...

I'm probably more sensitive than usual because I saw my surgeon today and she checked out her handiwork and was satisfied that I had no hernias or other problems along my incision.

So all's good here, I guess. Just hate to hear of the return of the beast. Perhaps they'll both fare well and show the world that the dreaded "C" is a foe that can be beat.


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    Maybe the news of their cancer return will help with research. Not the best way to get the information in front of the public, but it may help with preventative measures for some people.
    Jo Ann
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    I believe its going to help everyone....her attitude is great...for the first time I hear that this is more like a "chronic disease" ( I can live with that )...Not curable ??? there's some 5 year survivors here...and with all the new medicines AND alternative medicine....I thing we will go a long way.....Its sad to say, but I'm sure more people will pay more attention to this disease now...
    God bless...
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    I agree Patrusha, the news is unsettling to say the least.

    The message that cancer does not give a rat's **** if you are a democrat or a republician should be loud and clear. AND hopefully the politicians will stop cutting funding for cancer research and education (which builds the minds of the future researchers) and start cutting the budgets of organizations that don't know how to manage their own budgets and keep wasting millions of our tax dollars.

    Lisa P.
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    Yes, this was depressing news for me! Tony Snow has had a similar recurrance that I have had. I had a spot in the abdomen and then it spread to my liver. My last scan (after 7 months of chemo) showed NED!!! Tony will be back! He has my prayers.

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    I, too, felt sad when I saw that they both have recurrences.

    That being said, I thought Elizabeth Edwards' statement that cancer survivors are always very aware of every little pang or hurt in their body was right on the money. It's important to raise awareness and empathy for people who go through cancer.

    Also, I hate to say it, but I am thanking my lucky stars that Tony Snow has colon cancer. So much focus is put on breast cancer and leukemia; although I feel for those people, I believe that we need more high-profile people to speak for the colon cancer cause. We do need people to help gain more funding (or at least stop cuts) and bring this country to awareness.

    I would never wish cancer on anyone, but I do believe Lisa P. is right - does it matter if you're a democrat or republican, rich or poor, ugly or beautiful? Cancer just doesn't care.

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    I must agree with the others. Having had both cancers, I reflect on my own experiences at times like this.

    BUT, I do think it is interesting that probably as recently as 5 years ago, colorectal cancer would not be shared on the news, and be the focus for the 'health' segments...
    Both of these people are strong, but I wonder if they are missing the lesson....stress can play heck with the body...and with a cancer survivor, we are more open to a seige by the beast...sigh.

    Hugs, Kathi
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    All of my fellow semi-colons has stated many of my thoughts and fears these last few days. Just when I was getting comfortable and not being so fearful of a recurrence, I am reminded to never let my guard down.

    My thoughts and prayers are with both Tony and Elizabeth. They both share such a positive attitude and that will serve them both well as they tackle these new challenges.

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    I only hope that Tony Snow's situation will bring to light the fact that waiting until the age of 50 for a colonoscopy is TOO LATE!
    Obviously, if he had waited till that age, he would no longer be with us! and neither would I, obviously!