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Haven't posted on here but once, but have been reading alot. Wanted to share my good news. Second CT and CA125 since end of chemo show no evidence of cancer. CA125 is 10 (up from 2?????don't know how significant that is but the number is still in the acceptable range.) God has answered prayer and provided strength through this whole experience. I can't Praise Him enough!

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We love to hear good news here! That is great! My hopes and prayers are with you along with all the other great ladies on this board.

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How wonderful! My CA125 moves around from 6 to 9 and back to 8. Every time it is a diffrent number. As long as it is in "range" they say not to worry. God is a significant part of a lot of our recoveries. For those that believe he can also be a comfort. I am glad that you have been given such good results.

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that is wonderful news. news like that gives me great hope.
have a wonderful summer.

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Congratulations! And yes, I too thank Him for all the strength He has provided to get us through this. I couldn't have managed otherwise. Enjoy your good news!
Hugs and Prayers,

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So pleased to hear your good news and your gratitude to God. He has promised that He will not give us a burden greater than we can bear. Having faith in that promise has been the constant in my struggle. Don't worry about your CA125 wavering back and forth a little. Some is just sampling error. And it can also go up with a simple chest cold, and at various times of the month. Congratulations!!! Laura

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Great news!!! I'm so happy for you...and like you were told, don't worry about the ca-125 test going up a few points. My ca-125 started to triple, and even then it was 7 months before I started chemo...enjoy this time!!!! The weather is sooo beautiful....(((hugz)))..Joanne

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that is so wonderful!

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