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Hiya all. We are being tested all over again. In a way revisiting the first time we were told I might have cancer.My 27 year old daughter collapsed at work yesterday and was found having a siezure. She was transported to hospital by ambulance. She was unconscious for 20 minutes. Her symptoms as dx'd showed the possible cause to be epilepsy and so now we again play the waiting game. Tomorrow she will have a CT and EEG on her brain to determine the cause. We are very close to our "baby" gal and you will all understand that both Jen and I are trying to remain positive. So, my friends, I will be awol for a while again. My daughter recovered enough to be discharged in our care(she is not married) and is staying with us until a dx is confirmed. We ask you all to keep us in your thoughts and we hope that there is some problem that can be easily treated. Our worst fears at the moment are that my mother passed away 6 years ago from a brain tumour....unfortunately this makes it much harder for us to remain positive. I know we need to try not to worry until results are in....but....even my own advice I have given others is difficult to apply.
Huggs to all, Ross n Jen


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    Prayers are on the way....God bless you all..
  • chynabear
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    My prayers are with you all. Please keep us updated on your daughter.

    Many Hugs,

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    Hi Ross n Jen,

    Wow, I am so sorry to hear about your daughter please try and stay calm ( I know as a parent that's easier said then done ). Waiting for results fearing the worst and praying for the best is very hard physically, mentally and emotionally. We will keep you and your family in our thoughts and prayers at this difficult time. Please keep us updated Ross.

    Sending warm hugs to you and Jen.

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    Prayers on the way and please keep us posted.

    My love to you and Jen!!!!!

    Lisa P.
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    I am so sorry to see how worry you are,when it comes to our children is worst that all the worries that we had for ourselves, I will be praying for her,and for you, please have faith that God will hear our prayers and that probably will be something minor.Hugs for all of you
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    Dear Ross and Jen, you know you are always in my prayers, but I will make a special effort to Him above, for a great outcome from your gal's tests. Please try to stay positive, and hope for a good result.
    I will be with you all the way.

    Love as always, Virginia.
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    You are all in my prayers. Please let us know what you find out
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    So sorry that you and your family have to go through this type of stress again. Will pray that it is one of the "simple" causes of a seizure and that she has no more.

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    Dear Ross and Jen -

    Nothing scarier than being worried about your child. I can imagine how scared you must be - hopefully they will soon discover that scary as it is, there is no big problem. You and your family will be in my thoughts.

    Take care,
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    Ouch, it must just be hell that you're going through. I am beaming strong healing vibes and lots of positive thinking your way.

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    Ross and Jen, I'm so sorry that your daughter is going through this. I'm sending positive thoughts and energy your way!
    Take care,
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    I'm so sorry you've been put to the test again. I know we all wish your daughter good thoughts and prayers. I can certainly understand how concerned you are over your child and how hard it must be for you to remain positive. I know we are all hoping and praying that it turns out to be something easily treatable. God Bless and best wishes.
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    I am so sorry that you are being put to the test again. Try not to worry, as you know it gets us no where. Stay positive as you wait for the results and know that you and your family are in our prayers. Keep us posted and keep the faith!
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    Your family is in my prayers.

    God bless,

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    Ross and Jen,

    You are in my prayers and thoughts. Please let me know how your daughter is doing. My sister was having seizures and had surgery a month ago for a tumor. She is doing fine now. Email me and I'll share information. Please know you are deeply in my thoughts at this tough road in your life right now.


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    Ross & Jen: Prayers are going your family's way. Everything will be fine. Monica
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    Ross and Jen - you, as well as your daughter, are in my prayers. Please keep us updated. Wishing you all the best. Kate
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    Oh, Ross....I am so sorry.

    A piece of advice....if the tests don't show any reason for the seizures, INSIST that they do hormone testing....my daughter was misdiagnosed with epilepsy, and treated for 5 years, before anything was questioned!

    Hugs, Kathi