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Swallowing and eating

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I have have lung cancer, operated on, chemo and now it has returned. I'm about to have radiation on a new spot and also a lymph gland nearby. I was told I would have pain and trouble eating. Has anyone had this same problem? If so, how did you handle it?

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Hi Roy,
I'm DianeMB, my Dad has Neuroendocrine carcinoma in his lung and brain, he begins radiation next week. His radiation oncologist explained that the area is adjacent to his esophagus and would probably burn it and that eating would be difficult. He also stated that he should try high protein shakes, because he wouldn't want to eat and that would help keep his weight up. I would also suggest, sherbert ice cream, cold ensure shakes, tomato soup with milk in it, creamy chowder soups, puddings, and yogurts. They taste good and should sustain your appetite while giving you necessary nutrients.

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Hi, I have sclc, had rads to chest, side and back , tumor was wrapped around aorta artery and pushing against esophogus. First the onco gave me "Magic Swizzle" it is pepto bismol with lidicane in it , helped some. I used liquid diet, soups that were allowed to cool to warm, I would soak toast with margarine on it in the soap.It tasted delicious and went down pretty easy. I also had scrambled eggs for breakfast.The main thing is to remember soft and to remember warm, not hot or not cold, both really felt bad. Just leave your imagination go and in my prayers and good luck. Mike

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I have neuroendocrine carcinoma, got 14 days of radiation on head, neck and back ( upper and lower back) stage 4 bone met. Having way too much pain when swallowing, on liquid diet for last 10 days. Wondering if anyone has experience on how long this lasts - doctors says it should go away in 10 days.. it hasn't :(
thanks in advance

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In addition to all the good recommendations already given, I had good results with many small servings, vs large servings. The large servings become overwhelming and discouraging. I suffered severely burned esophagus, but it did heal. Best wishes.

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