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Quick Question

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I am curious about when you were diagnosed what size your polyp was and what stage you were diagnosed with. I am wondering if there is a relationship between the size of the polyp and the stage of diagnosis as with other types of cancer. I am asking because we are in the process of waiting for a path report to come back on the removal of a 2cm polyp from my Father's 1st colonoscopy that was removed last week. Dr called it angry looking. It is very hard to find any info on tumor size. We just buried my Grandfather (Mother's Father) to this awful disease on March 1st. He was dxed with stage 4 colon cancer the end of October so we are terrified to say the least. Any info you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks alot,

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Hi Paula,
I was diagnosed back in 2002 (almost exactly 5 years ago) with a single polyp that was 1cm in size. I was Sage III at dianosis.
My mother however, was just discovered to have 2 large polyps in her colon. I think they are 4-5 cm in size. Hers, however, are still in the pre-cancerous stage. She is going to have to have surgery, because obviously if left there they can cause cancer and/or a blockage. They were too large to be removed during the colonoscopy. We are expecting to find out the exact day this week.
I know there are other people who have had very large tumors that were only Stage II as well.
My doctors were surprised that my polyp/cancer had broken through the colon wall and was later found to have gone to the liver and to one lung. Fortunately for me, all of it was able to be removed surgically.
So I would say, each instance is different and there is not a correlation between size and severity.
Best wishes to you and your Dad,

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Hi Paula,

I don't think you can tell much if anything from the size of the polyp/tumor. Mine was described to me by my surgeon as "softball size" and I was stage II. I've heard of others with smaller tumors that were stage 3 or 4...Mark

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colonoscopy November 2005 - 1cm in sigmoid. Report came back as benign. Surgery Jan 4th 2006 (delayed because of Christmas) - report showed stage III with 2 node involvement. Surgeon said he was "shocked" as all indications were that it was a very small stage I. It was also decided that because it was low in the sigmoid area that it would be treated as rectal cancer. 8 months of folfox 28 rounds of radiation...last report in February 2007 showed NED.

Size of tumour doesn't seem to have any significance in the outcome.

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Hi Paula, Mine like others was very small and thought to be precancerous. Well it was a very powerful thing because it was stage III and 2 nodes. As I read on I realize that sometimes it doesn't matter how big or how small. I hope all goes well for you and I'll keep you in my prayers.


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Size of polyp has no bearing on stage of cancer. The stage is determined by how deeply the tumor penetrates into the wall of the colon.


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Size has a bit to do with the staging, the bigger the tumor, with no other symptoms, can jump a stage. BUT the bigger indicator that drives staging is lymph node involvement, other organs involved. ACS has a great discussion on the www.cancer.org site....search on staging....
Each cancer is different staging. Breast (one of my two), for instance, actually has a stage 0!

My rectal tumor was 2cm...not a polyp...but I was thrown into Stage III because I had an 'interested' lymph node....

I am sending big, strong, healthy vibes to you and dad!

Hugs, Kathi

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In response to this. How about a polyp found on a stump? Like a mushroom. Has anyone had this?

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