Post-Op Infection

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Just wondering if anyone has also had a post-op infection and what your doctor/surgeon recommended for healing.

My infection is located within the incision area. A small opening that has a yellowish/brownish drainage. I have been on an antibotic since 9 March and are currently using a warm compress and saline flush twice daily. At my last check-up with my surgeon he stated that he may have to re-open a portion of the incision to drain the area for quicker healing. He also indicated that this procedure could be performed in his office. I looked at him like he was crazy. I tell all my doctors that I am the biggest sissy when it comes to pain. So I told my surgeon that if he had to do this procedure I wanted it done as an out patient under sedation.

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    I did....they gave me some antibiotics..3 days later, it started draining on its own....they did not do any incisions...
    take care
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    I had 2 open areas in my incision. One opened on its own and one was opened in the emergency room, because it was a weekend. It could have been done in the doctors office. the area was numbed with local anesthetic. It was really no big deal. I had to pack both areas twice a day. It took about 5 months to heal. If you had radiation it can slow down the healing process.

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    Actually, my surgeon's nurse took a q-tip and repeated dipped it...well....I freaked out till I realized that it didn't hurt!!!
    Ask for a LOCAL anesthetic...and some mild sedation like the dentists use, if you like.

    I am the biggest pain baby...but, really, it was ok. And, when you remember all that you have already gone thru, well, this is nothing...hehehehe. (That said, I STILL demand pediatric 'butterfly' needles for my blood
    Hugs, Kathi
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    Hey Nudgie, another thing we have had in commom -- an incision infection.

    Less than two weeks after surgery I developed an infection and the surgeon barely touched it (in her office) and it popped open, spewing goo all over her. We all had quite the laugh.

    It was not horribly painful to open the incision. Several inches of the incision were opened up and I had to pack it and change the dressing twice daily. Cleaned it out with saline each time. Actually, hubby did the dirty work and he got really good at it! It was gross, I won't kid you, but it was "do-able."

    I can say it doesn't hurt to pack a wound. Mine was somewhat sensitive but it got better every day as it healed. Took about two weeks to completely heal shut.

    Opening the incision and packing the wound is definitely preferred to an all-out systemic infection. You gotta do what you gotta do. Keep us posted.