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Here we go again

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Five year ago i had kidney cancer of the left kidney and it was tottaly removed and now i have a hard mass the size of a dried bean on my left testical.I went to my regular doctor friday she would not speculate on what it was.She set me up for a ultra sound and to see a urologist for the same day.I have a couple of questions.1 why did she act like i was too old to have it I am fifty and everything I read said that it is very possible for me to have it.2 I asked her if my cancer for my kidney could have spread there since it is slow growning and they did not check down there when i had kidney cancer.And just to let you know I had no signs of kidney cancer and I was stage 3.can anyone give me some advice on these matters

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I had testicular cancer when I was 31 and they told me I was to old. Testicular cancer is very treatable and it souns like you may have caught it in the early stage. Good luck with treatment if any is needed.

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I am 54, one month post-op for seminoma stage 1, never had any cancer before. No such thing as too rich, too lean, or too old for TC, I guess. I feel lucky in many ways, particularly getting to good doctors right away.

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