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paranoia setting in

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Hi folks well just went yesterday to the oncologist I haven't been for 4 months and I knew he was going to hit me with scans scans scans.... Ugghhh I dread this. My last scan was in September 06. As much as I want to know I don't want to know I'm sure you all know what I mean. Bloodwork first then I have to schedule the CT scan of abdomen and pelvic. I guess I will schedule for sometime next week. The last time I had a scan in the early morning my oncologist called me immediately that evening so that was a huge relief. Yesterday I actually asked him some questions that before could never come out of my mouth. I asked him about other survivors of this sort of thing and he made me feel a little more optomistic. He said I am doing great and its been almost three years since my liver resection and things have been great so not to worry. We all know how hard that is. So keep me in your prayers guys and I will let you know when I schedule my scans and the outcome. Doreen

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I can understand how you feel. My mother just completed her follow up scans and we have to wait till April 3rd for the results. The wait is awful. Just keep postiive, BUSY and hope for the best! There are TONS of people who beat this - focus on you being one of them!

Good Luck to you!

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So far so good... just another set of pictures to reassure yourself. Hope all goes well. The paranoia is completely normal - and OK. Just keep your spirits up and stay positive (as best you can). Good luck. jana

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Hi . Best wishes on the scans. Will keep you in my prayers. Keep us posted. Think positive. God Bless

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Hi Doreen -

I am sure your good news will continue (I love Jana's advice). But, of course I KNOW how nervewracking this is - having just made scan appointments for 4/11! Good luck - a liver resection and almost 3 years - that is practically a textbook cure and I am sure you will be fine.

Take care,

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If you are like me, you have that little niggling worry all the time, except right after your scan, when they tell you that NED wants to dance with you again.
I'm having my naked happy dance with NED now, and you can have your turn with him soon.
Jo Ann

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Yup, know exactly what you mean. I feel an impending doom all the time, as if the other shoe will drop sooner or later. I think it's a matter of living day to day, stay positive, and stay busy for me. Not much help to you, but just want to say I understand what you're going through.


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I know exactly how you feel. I am seeing the oncologist on Monday and then will likely have a CT/PET in a few days. Although I feel fine I get somewhat nervous as I felt fine when first diagnosed and when I had the recurrance. I just try to be positive but it seems to be difficult at this time. Let us know the results.


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