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I need to do something about it

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On march 2nd i lost a very dear special person to me. She had battled cancer 4 times in a 12 yr period. She first had breast cancer in 95 and survived. In 2004 she found out she had lung cancer and survived. In 2005 she had for spots of cancer throught her body and survived. In Febuary of this year she found out that she had cancer in her other lung and in her liver. On march 2nd she passed away. She donated her body to a university so that they could use her for the research of cancer. Instead of all the flowers for her service everyone has givin money to a breast cancer reasearch. This is not enough from me. I need to do more. I am at such a loss because i don't know where to begin. I would like to get involved in every type of cancer program out there and sooo hope more lives are saved. I need to know if this will make the loss easier or even more painful, if its possible or if it's the impossible. And how can i even get to doing this stuff.

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Hi again I wrote to you this morning my Mom passed away Feb 19 2007. I know what your going thru. I found this really neat web site called memory of.com where you can make a web site for your loved one and all kinds of stuff it really helps me. If by chance this is the wrong address let me know good luck to you cathy

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The ACS would LOVE to have your help! I got involved, first with my mom as a caregiver, and then as myself as a double cancer survivor. There are so many ways you can help. I am a Legislative Ambassador, work with Road to Recovery (taking patients to and from treatment), the Cancer Action Network (the advocacy arm of the American Cancer Society...you get to work with the gov't to keep them on the cancer support track....) (www.ACSCAN.org), and I'm sure that any local Relay for Life would also love to have you....let me know if I can be of help....e-mail me here, if you wish...

Hugs, Kathi

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