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mets to lungs

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My wife started with colon cancer in 05/02 stage 3
In 03/04 spread to liver and had a liver resection. In 02/05 found mets in both lungs. ( 2 spots ) She has been on avastin and chemo most of the time. Has anybody had mets in the lungs that long or longer? The treatments seem to be less affected as time goes on.

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Hi there,
I have been down a similar path. I was also diagnosed in 2002, then after 6 months of 5-FU and Leukovorin, a large liver met was found, I had a resection followed by Camptosar and Xeloda. Later on, in Feb. 04 I had 2 spots show up on my lung and in October '04 I had a lung resection. so far, so good....
If your wife only has 2 spots why isn't she having a resection? The fact that no more spots have shown up in all that time is a very good sign and it seems like she would be a surgical candidate which IMO is the best chance for a cure.
I would seek a second opinion and try to have those lesions removed.
Good luck,

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They are saying because its in both lungs you can`t do a resection at the same time. It would be to dangerous to do.


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No, but you can do 2 resections at different times! Get a second opinion!!! I have had 3 thoracotomies to get lung mets out. 2 were back to back. The recovery wasn't too bad. It depends on location of the mets to determine how much lung would be removed and lung status before the surgeries. BUT - get yourselves more information so you know you are getting the best care.


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My husband as been on chemo for lung/liver mets since Aug/05...my only advice is to keep trying different treatments in the hope you will find the one that works for her..
good luck

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with only 2 mets. you might also be a candidate for IMRT-(targeted radiation) It removed 11 of 13 of my lung mets.Where are you?

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Getting a pet scan tomorrow. Have a better count
by friday.

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