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Other possibilities?

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I'm 51 years old, and the end of menopause was 2 years ago.

Two weeks ago (3/7) I experienced light, pink discharge. It was constant, not spotting. I called the gyn to make an appt., and was scheduled for 4/16. On 3/15, the discharge became very heavy and was the consistency of egg whites. Still pink. The following day it turned to VERY heavy bleeding (Friday), I tried to call my gyn, found that her officed is closed on Fridays. I finally reached the gyn on Monday (3/19), and she wanted me to come in for the first appt on the following morning (yesterday).
She did a pap smear, biopsy, blood draw for CA-125, and I'm scheduled for an ultrasound. I go back next Tuesday to discuss results.
It's really hard to wait that long, not knowing what to expect. Are chances good that this could something other than cancer? What else could it be?
Other stats - I'm very overweight, high blood pressure (2 weeks ago 110/90, last week 168/84), grandfather died of colon cancer, father had surgery/chemo for colon cancer, I've had precancerous polyps removed from my colon. That's all I can think of.

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The discharge does NOT mean you have cancer. You need to be tested by your doctor first. I know the waiting is the hard part. I was diagnosed with uterine cancer (stage 1C, grade2) in September. In June I had one small spot of blood which was followed by a white discharge for another month. My doctor immediately ordered a pelvic ultrasound that showed a thickening of the endometrial lining (complex hyperplasia). A biopsy was done of the lining that showed abnormal cells, not cancer. However, following a complete hyseterectomy in Sept. 2006, the pathology report showed cancer. I'm thankful it was found at an early stage. Since it was into the wall of the uterus, I had a lymph node biopsy in November that showed no cancer. Thank God! As a preventive measure I had brachytherapy which is internal radiation into the vagina as if the cancer returns it usually goes to the vagina. The radiation was 105 hours on by back in the hospital to receive it. I went back to work two days later and have worked full time since. Feeling great! Now I go for checkups every three months. I wish you the best, Denise. I know you're probably thinking the worse, it's human nature to do so. But BE STRONG and wait for your doctor's evaluation. It's too bad you can't get in sooner to see him/her. Waiting is so hard. God's blessings! I'll watch for your updates.(I'm 58 and postmenpausal for six years.)

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Hi, I had a total hysterectomy in October 2006, Stage IIIA. I have had chemo and 25 beam radiation treatments and they are now proposing three brachytherapy treatments (HDR). Because of the effect that the beam rad has had on my intestines and vagina, I am scared silly to have the HDR. You seem to have had substantial brachytherapy. What were the negatives on this treatment. Thanks Mary

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