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switching from FOLFOX to Xelox

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Just found out I am going to be switching from FOLFOX (5FU + leucovorin + oxaliplatin) to XELOX (Xeloda + oxaliplatin). I'm also taking Avastin. I am excited, since my FOLFOX regime involves having to stay in the hospital for 3 days (well, 2.5).

I'm interested in hearing from others -- especially those who have experienced both FOLFOX and XELOX -- comparison of side effects?? My oncologist tells me I may have more problems with my fingers on Xeloda -- and maybe more diarrhea. Would love to hear from others.....

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Hi Tara,

I don't know anything about this drug combo but I just read an article yesterday that mentioned Xelox. I pasted it below.

"""""Another chemotherapy regimen being evaluated is XELOX. XELOX includes the chemotherapy drugs Xeloda® (capecitabine) and Eloxatin. Because Xeloda can be taken orally, it may offer patients a more convenient treatment option

Researchers recently conducted a Phase III clinical trial comparing FOLFOX to XELOX in the initial treatment of patients with advanced colorectal cancer. Some of the study participants received Avastin in addition to chemotherapy and others did not. The results indicated that XELOX was as effective as FOLFOX, and also more convenient.[1] Furthermore, the addition of Avastin to either chemotherapy regimen significantly improved progression-free survival compared to chemotherapy alone. """""

Good Luck on your new treatment.


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Thanks Sue -- this is very relevant to me

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Hi, Tara.

I am using 2000mg of Xeloda daily, along with Avastin every other week. I never used Xedola + Oxaliplatin, but I used to be on 5FU + Oxaliplatin + Avastin. I find the Xeloda to be much more tolerable than 5FU. As stated, I am taking it at a relatively low dosage, but my main side effects are feet that blister easily if I take a long walk, some fatigue, and really that's all. Sometimes I am sniffly or get nosebleeds, but not so much since the weather has gotten warmer. I've been using low dosages of Xeloda and (high dosage of ) Avastin while in remission, as a maintenance therapy. I have a CT/PET today so I guess I'll see how it's all working (and if all is good, then I'm taking another trip to Dubrovnik this May).

Good luck to you!


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Thanks Rodney. Actually I recall you responded when I raised this general issue a couple of weeks ago. But always happy to get your input. HEY - GOOD LUCK with the scans today!!!!! Pls let us know the (bound to be great) results! Dubrovnik -- aaahhhh -- I so loved that place. I'm not gonna be able to join you in May but we'll up there one of these years!

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Hi Tara: I was on Xeloda/Oxaliplatin and my toes were turning black and the bottom of my feet were sore at times. Nothing major though. The Oxaliplatin did cause neuropathy. I hope this helps. Monica

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Hi Tara

See my reply to Catherine (probably on the next page). Overall, I am guessing Xeloda will be easier for you. I never really had a foot problem, though I worked at moisturizing them. My cuticles on my fingers got a bit dark, but not anything anyone else would notice. I think my fingers are terminally dry from Xeloda, but hand cream helps a lot.

Good luck - anything is better than being in the hospital!


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Hi Tara. I know how happy you are that you were switched to the Xelox. I hope it turns out very well for you. Just a suggestion... the "udder cream works really well as a moisturizer." my husband is using it on hands and feet twice a day right now. No symptoms as yet. but just finished first cycle of xelox (14days) Good Luck & God Bless.

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Hi, I am on FOLFOX6(This regimen includes Oxaliplatin + 5FU & Avastin, + research drug
Xaliproden. The research is a daily,capsule. I take the Oxaliplatin, Avastin, Decradon over six hours, the 5FU/LV is over 48 hours by a portable pump. I am very happy I do not have to stay in hospital 2.5 days. I have had three treatments, the next one is Monday. I will be checked one week later to see if its working. I have had many side effects , change in vision, bright red blood in mouth, bloody urine,fatigue, slight nose bleed,
diarrhea,N&V,painful urination, shaking, severe headaches, hands and feet ache, starting to get blisters. I no longer walk 4 miles 5 days a week. I don't mean to bore you! I hope it is working for me and I pray my ONC wants to change me to something better.
I wish you the best on your new TX.
Blessings to you,

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