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Are you ok?

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Hi Foxy
Yeah weel I am still alive and kicking. Was hospitalized a few weeeks back for bad anaemia and dehydratio. Have problems with liver inflammation and find it difficult to get around, eveb around tha house. I hav a physiotherapist calling to me on Thurs. I think it's muscle wastage. Once I settle down somwwhere, even the loo. I find it very difficult ot gt up again. Anybody else have these probs? Foxy, thanks so much for thinking of me and altho I lurk, I dont lurk that ofeter, so I am delighted I caught your post. Hope you are well yourself, and everyone else ob the board is doing well.

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Hi, First,I'm praying for you. Can't say I've had the same problem but I do get a jaudice look at times...like today and feeling tired lately but it seems to come and go and I finished chemo 1 month ago. Hang in there and PLEASE keep us up on how you're doing...we care and will keep you in our thioughts and prayers!

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My onc said it would take about a year to get energy back. After about 8 mo, I began to see what she meant. Love feeling better. I can't find enough time now to do all the things I want to. Hope you will feel better soon too.
Jo Ann

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Hey Margo - I am glad to hear from you. I have been worried about you and wondering what was going on. Hope the physiotherapist can help. More prayers coming your way.


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More prayers coming from down under Margo. very pleased to hear from you though. Try to just rest, you have been on Chemo for so long, it is no wonder you are so tired.

Lots of love Virginia.

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