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Back from Boulder....Again!

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Hi Everyone,
Well, we are back from Boulder, and my mom was able to finish all 6 of her cyber knife treatments. All did not go well, and it was a very hard week for her. She was having significant pain in her back from the tumor on her left adrenal gland, and was given pain meds before each treatment. The treatments require her to lay on her back for 2 hours, and of course that aggravated the adrenal tumor even more. By the second day, the pain meds were making her so sick that she could not even keep down sips of water. They were giving her nausea meds, but they did not help. By Thursday, she was dehydrated and treatments were going to be postponed. Her medical team worked really hard and were able to get her through all of her treatments. She will continue to have blood work every 2 weeks to check her adrenal function and to watch other blood levels. She will be having a PET/CT scan in 8 weeks to see how she responded to the cyber knife treatment. As far as chemo goes, she is still not doing any. She has been off everything for about 7 weeks now. We are still following the naturopath way and hope to add thalidomide in about 3 weeks.

I am so happy to see all the NED's on this board lately, and hope and pray that my mom will be there soon!! God bless all-

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Hi Valerie,

Thank you for sharing the update on your mom. It sounds like she has a great medical team that is concerned about her comfort as well as her treatment. I pray that her scan will show that the cyber knife treatment was successful. Your mom is blessed to have you as her advocate.



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Hi Valerie, I am glad that your Mom finished the treatment, I will be praying for her,that she too, could celebrate a happy dance with Ned.

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Hi Valerie, sorry your mom had such a tough week. Hopefully, the worst is behind her and she will become more comfortable every day. Well wishes for a NED on the scan and keep the faith. God Bless

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