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For Sale To The Highest Bidder-(fiction)

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One well used male body with stage 4 rectal cancer.Presently have an undetermined life expectancy, during which time the Succesful bidder will be given carte blanche for any kind of alternate / conventional
research they wish to perform in the interest of CURING cancer. All funds shall be donated to a non-profit trust dedicated to the goal of creating help for those cancer patients who are unable to help themselves. At this time this document is fiction; feel free to make your contributions until it becomes a reality.

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Once we all decided on the goals & Missions of our organization, we might each buy a lottery ticket in it's behalf until we win...then get started on some REAL solutions..

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Jest wonderin' Bud if you might have available the following; useable shoulder joints, finger joints, eyeballs(errr...yah better forget those..I know yours are suspect...lol!), a portion of brain matter(for memory), and possibly a section of sigmoid?
Of course knowing that these bodily parts will not be available from you for many years I just thought I would put my order in first before all tha other scroungers.
My contribution is a huggy and kiss from Jen...but yah gotta buy your own airfare mate...lol!
ps....there may well be a short list for some organs however...which I will not name here...this is a clean forum...he!he!
Cheers from upside down land.

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I'm in. Things are messed up, world-wide, in terms of (affordable) access to treatments, and a serious commitment to prevention and cure by many of our governments. Not sure what body parts I have that anyone would be interested in -- I've perhaps been over-committed to the "well-used" philosophy!!

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Bud honey,

I dream of this every day and hope to one day figure out a way to start the revolution that will help so many without the huge costs of drugs and their side effects, but I do worry about a very negative backlash towards me. For those of you that don't think these kinds of things can happen in the good ole US of A, continue to watch my journey to help other survivors help themselves without lining the pockets of big pharma and big business. I promise it will be a very interesting journey.

Lisa P.

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(((smile))) and God love you Nanuk..(are you "nanuk of the north" ??? I've oftenm wondered about you name??

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I am Nanuk of The North not the original, but the original on this board and from Alaska recently transplanted to the Idaho Panhandle.
wonderful country. I miss Alaska, but find this an
acceptable qkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkklqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq-(fell qsleep at keyboard-time for bed,sweet dreams fro Nanuk Of The North,,

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I'll take the whole kit-n-kaboodle!

peace, emily who is firing up her Champion as we speak!

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