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Hi, everyone -

Sorry I have been AWOL. I am at the Coast Guard Academy attending Prospective Commanding Officer School. I have been without "real" connectivity for over a week (working on my Treo just doesn't cut it!).

WOW! Baby Lisa (Lisa Rose) forwarded me all of the replies to her post about me achieving my 5-year mark. I was overwhelmed by the number of good wishes. How can I ever thank you guys?

As many of you know, when I was diagnosed I was also in the midst of a nasty divorce. I moved from my home/family/friends to Washington, DC (about 4 hours away) and two days later was diagnosed. I had really no family or friends with me for support as I went though the whole "thing" of diagnosis, surgery, and chemo. Then I found CSN. What a Godsend of friendshi and support many of you were for me. You know who you are. You kept my spirits up and positive during a black period when it would have been so easy to have hit rock bottom. You kept my attitude strong when I needed it to be strong. I cannot help but believe that were it not for you, my dear friends and this incredible resource that the ACS and, particularly, Greta, Jose and Dana have made available to us, I might not be celebrating my 5 year anniversary date and certainly not pending nuptuals.

Thank you all - old friends and new friends for helping to make every day a gift.

SemiColons ROCK!

- Sponge

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Keep the good times rolling!

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Dang! I'm always a day late and a dollar short....in this case 5 days! i don't how it slipped by me, but I posted on the other thread.

Wishing you a belated THREE CHEERS for Sponger making it to his 5 year mark! WOOHOO!!!

Hip Hip!

peace, emily who goes way back with you ol' boy.

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Tell you what me 'ol salty friend. I'll back up Em's 3 cheers if yah reciprocate for me birthdeee and 3 years NED.....lol! I added a year onto my 50 geriatric years(which Lisa promptly blurbed to everyone) then Jen thought a night at tha cinema watchin "wild hogs" would spur me into action....ridin action!....lol!
cheers mate, Ross n Jen
ps.....Jen would send yah a sloppy kiss but metinks Katie might not approve...he!he!

Oh...btw...I know they will read this...thanks also to Mary, Jamie, Scouty, Ying and Virginia for the b/day wishes they sent me....taaaa gals!

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you can thank us by staying alive, and staying here and understanding as you do..

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Hi Bob,

I missed your anniversary as well. Congratulations on your five year mark and thank you for all you do for survivors everywhere.



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SpongeBob, I haven't been around here long enough to get to know you and everyone else. From what I have read, you have been a positive part of this support group. It is so wonderful to hear that you have hit your 5 year mark and that you have so much happiness ahead of you. You are an inspiration to us all and I look forward to the point where we can all celebrate our 5 year anniversary date. You give us all much hope....and yes, every day is a gift.

Enjoy Life!


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Congratulations!! You are showing everyone that cancer survivors can not only survive...they can create new lives and grow and prosper!! We all deserve credit for dealing with this stupid disease. But people like yourself are exhibiting true leadership. I am so happy for you, and am inspired to continue growing in my professional and personal life after cancer. Godspeed!

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Hey, Sponger, I must have missed your five-year too! (And if I didn[t and posted on it, well, chalk it up to delayed chemo brain!)

Happy freedom, friend. Freedom from disease and freedom to be happy foreverafter.

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