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new ca-125 level

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i had my fourth treatmen of chemo and talked to my oncology doctor. he was pleased with my new numbers. after three treatments my ca-125 has dropped from over 14,800 to 4,089. i know that these are real high numbers and it's still a GOOD NUMBER FOR ME AND WE ARE all happy in our household. i meet with my obg/onc on tuesday. i know that they will want me to take at least on more chemo before that do surgery so we are probally looking at surgery in april or may. except for feeling bad a few days after chemo and getting a little tireder that usuall i am feeling pretty good. i got to spend all week with my grandbaby last week and that was a joy. my husband took a week of vacation and it took both of us - a three year old can wear you out fast.
does anyone know much about the ip menthod of receiving. my doctor's are going to discuss it and then talk to me. i may not be a good person for it because with my high numbers i probally do not have miminual involvement. in onc. said that he has done it but he did not feel the results were good enough to offset the extra side effects but said that he would do whatever my obg/onc and i decided.

so right now i'm still in a waiting mode but it does seem that surgery in getting closer.


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You have had dramatic results - I'm VERY happy for you! The fact that your body is responding to this treatment is a very good sign. As for the IP method, I've only heard a little, and it is not for everyone. So, if you really trust your doctor, I'd work with him regarding any aspect of your treatment. Maybe you can research IP a little on your own and then you'll have questions ready to ask him if that's the way he wants to go.

Congratulations on such wonderful results! So glad you and your husband could enjoy your grandchild. Those are some of the most worthwhile moments in our lives!

Hugs and Prayers!

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Wow! That's a huge drop in CA125. Once you have the surgery it should really drop quite a bit more too.

I've only read about the IP therapy but from what I've read, it is pretty effective but lots of side effects. But that's only from reading, not personal experience. Good luck with the chemo and keep us posted as to when you have the surgery. I'll keep you in my prayers. And, yes I know how a 3 year old can wear you out. We had our 1 year old here who just learned to walk and he was into everything. But it's fun, isn't it?

Best of luck to you.

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Kathie, them are awesome drops. Congratulations. And I would research the IP a bit, my chemo nurse told me that when they use to do it(many years ago)the woman that even got one treatment did better than those who got none. But because it was so hard on woman they stopped. I know if it would have been available when I had surgery and my initial treatments I would have done it, or at least maybe tried to do it. Sending lots of hugs N prayers BonnieRose

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Congrats on those declining numbers!!! I don't know alot about the IP type of tx, except for it can be very harsh. Good luck and I'll be praying for you.
I'll bet having that lil one is so much fun!!! It would wear me out as well!!(((hugz)))..Joanne

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Congrats on the new ca-125 numbers. An IP Tx is when they insert a port into the abdomine and shot the chemo directly into the cavity.The ports don't always work, mine failed but several women in my chemo group are using them successfully now. This technique was used a long time ago and is coming back into favor because of the good results it produces. Just sorry mine didn't work. Good Luck!

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Glad to hear you are finally getting some results from the chemo. Is this your first go around with ovarian treatment, or have you had prior surgeries/chemo ttmts before?
My ca125 is the hightest it's ever been for me; I'm freaking out at 1070 and you are finally down to 4,000. Gives me hope!
I went through 7 treatments of the IP chemo. I sailed right through it in terms of side effects; no nausea, cramping, abdominal pain - nothing. I only had what we called "wet noodle syndrome" about 3 days after treatment. I literally could not get out of bed; I really felt like a wet noodle! Yet after the 3rd treatment, all of a sudden, it subsided and I was able to return to work and resume regular activities, although I did go to sleep earlier or took a nap. I don't think my reaction to the IP was typical, but it wasn't a horror by any means. Good luck if you go that route!

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A link to my navigation bar for cancer intervention is found at wwwdothftfiredotcom.

First, cancer is truly no more than an out-of-control reproduction of cells. Essentially a healthy body is completely renovated w/ new organs, bones, complete systems, ect., one cell at a time every few years.

Second, the FDA can only approve MAN-MADE products. I have found most (not all) our nations family care physicians and M.D.'s and beyond are instructed to use primarily only these man-made patented FDA approved chemical therapies to treat cancer.


Lastly, in order for any patient/victim to SURVIVE, they MUST MAINTAIN THEIR WILL TO LIVE! This can only be achieved if the pt/victim BELIEVES he/she is going to MAKE IT no matter what, receives proper/VIALBLE TREATMENT, secures incredible HOPE & FAITH, and keeps a POSITIVE mental attitude. ALL are KEY! RECOVERY is further enhanced greatly by genuine REASSURANCE to help pull them through.

I would love to hear anything anyone else might know about Vitamin B-17. I personally have had incredible success as I understand this is one NATURAL ingredient [and therefore not approved by the FDA!] that CONTROLS CELL REPRODUCTION AT THE RATE OF ONE FOR ONE, ONE AT A TIME as our bodies are designed! It is my understanding the HIGHEST concentration is found in the kernel from within the pit of an Apricot.

I started a very close friend [literally dying of Stage Three (3) ovarian cancer in November 2006] on this NATURAL “Treatment” in which her diagnosis and standard routine prognosis most victims receive was to "expire" in March (this month) but likely no later than June 2007… has been completely REVERSED!

Last Thanksgiving I had the difficult task to qualify miracles do occur, with whole and complete and proper treatment vs. the mounds of verifiable evidence her oncologist had “advised” her.

To reestablish HOPE, I instead inspired her to look forward to holding her grand children not yet born of her two (2) sons who are now ages 12 and 15.

MIRACULOUSLY, she is home with no sign of cancer at all!

The "Limies" needed Vitamin C! Is Vitamin B-17 any different!?!

Rich Hoffmann
Fire Captain (med-ret.)

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Funny, you seem to have posted this repeatedly all over the board within the space of a couple of minutes. Your "Vitamin B17" is laetrile -- and it doesn't work!!!

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Hello All,

Please keep in mind, when considering any alternative medical treatment you should consult your doctor. We also encourage you to contact the American Cancer Society's National Cancer Information Center for additional information on complementary and alternative cancer treatments as well as for cancer diagnosis and treatment information. Cancer Information Specialists can be reached 24 hours a day at 1-800-227-2345 or by clicking on the "Contact ACS" link at the top of this page.

Take care and be well,

CSN Dana

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Good news for you and hope for me. I meet the oncologist in three days for the first time to find out about chemo. No surgery until we shrink some of mine. I know little at this point but thanks for the sharing of your good news.

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