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Time Issue

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Thought I would ask your advice on chemo. I had surgery on 2/15. My onc appoinment is 3/27. I'm trying to get another app't with another dr. but it will be 2 works longer, making it approximately 2 months after surgery.

Does that sound too long to wait to start the chemo treatments?


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It doesn't sound too bad - especially if Avastin is going to be part of the mix (they want to wait until your surgery is completely healed before they use that). I am rather suprised, however, that you have to wait so long for an appointment with the other oncologist.

I had my first oncologist appointment (not counting the dazed conversation after my surgery while still in the hospital) about 3 weeks after my surgery - but we didn't start chemo for another 4 weeks.

Take care,

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My husbands colon resection was Jan 16, He didn't start treatment til 3/7 . Should be at least a min of 28-30 days before starting avastin . Good Luck and God Bless

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I agree with the others. You need to let your body heal some before putting the chemo into your bloodstream. Make sure you have a list of written questions when you go into the onc's office. Also try to bring someone to help you remember what is said and write it down. It is so much to take in the first time. HUGS and hope you are feelinig ok. I know that I felt so much better after getting my tumor out. It was almost blocking my colon when it was found and making me terribly sick.

Lisa F.

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I'm not having the Avastin, I don't think since I'm Stage III. When I talked to the people at the Cancer Center where I will go for treatments thought waiting a couple more weeks was too long to put it off. I'm trying to get in with the best onc in our area, he's not taking new patients but I do have some friends of his that are helping get in to see him.

I just don't want to wait too long.

Thanks for your thoughts!

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I started about 7weeks after surgery and didn't have Avastin either....I'm a 3c too! However,I did have my port placed after 5 weeks.

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Some things are worth waiting for and treatment with the "best" onc will be priceless.
Good Luck,
Jo Ann

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I started chemo 7 weeks after surgery--4 weeks for healing and 3 weeks after 1st onc appointment. Your 1st onc appointment will be chock full of information, so write down your questions and be sure you have someone with you--two brains are better than one for remembering information and for formulating questions. My prayers are with you.

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I had my tumor removed on 10 July 07 and started checmo on 18 Aug 07. I am not sure if there is a timeframe for starting chemo, but I do know that doctors like your bobdy to heal after surgery before starting chemo because of the side effects and what the drugs can due to your body. I hope this helps.

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