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Just received a copy of my pap test results. It reads 'Unsatisfactory for evaluation: obscuring inflammatory exxudate'. Anyone ever receive a report like this? To recap, I had a tremendous amount of discomfort during the pelvic/rectal exam and pap test - much more than normal. I had horrible pain and cramps all night, subsiding but still there into the next day. It took a couple of days to go away. I had to go to my doctor's office to pick up my journal that I had left there and was hoping to speak to him. He wasnt' there, so I left a HUGE note explaining the pain and asked for a phone call. I never got one. That was over 2 weeks ago. Needless to say, now with these results I'm concerned - AGAIN.

Any thoughts on this?

As always, hugs and prayers.

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I can not believe your Dr. isn't doing anything for you yet. As far as I can see from the report you have an infection going on, and the presence of this infection is stopping the results of the pap smear. Now maybe he thinks this imfection will heal itself...I'm not sure, but that is what inflammatory exxudate is...a process of healing an infection. This is also why you have so much pain in this area. I hope your Dr. calls you soon and does something for you.....Joanne

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there is a possibility that your doctor did not get your note - cleaning crew could have thrown away or it got buried in things he has't read yet. i would call his office and ask him to call - be sure and get the name of the person you talk and jot down the time and day of call. ask when to expect a call back from the doctor and ask the person you are takling to call you back themselves if your doctor if not going to make the time frame they origally gave you. i am like you - if i ask for a call then i expect to receive one but i also forget sometimes myself so giving them a reminder won't hurt.

i have not been in this game very long so i have not had any reports like this so i can't help with this but i will be thing of you and will say a prayer that your doctor returns you call soon and has somme good news on how to handle this new event


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If you can rule out the staff as the source of the problem - ie are they getting messages and notes to him? - then hes a $%^&*. You don't have to go this alone, for two nites or two weeks or two minutes. If you don't want to call his office every five mins until he answers, or don't want to camp in his office until he sees you, then get a new Doc. ASAP!! You don't deserve this. Don't wait on him any longer. You're in the driver's seat. Prayers and blessings, Laura

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Monika, so sorry one more thing got added to your plate. It could be that an infection is clearing up, but I would definitely call your Dr again. If I don't hear from them by the second day I leave another message as a follow-up. Someone could be on vacation or it went in that black hole somewhere.

I'll be watching for your update. Sending extra prayers along with a hug.

Love Ya Bonnie

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MOnika I am so sorry, I hope by now you have gotten to talk to your doctor and received some answers. I agree with Bonnie I would always call back. My doctors nurse is wonderful, she feels like family, I think I could call her everyday,(I don't) but that is how it should be. If you are concerned they should be there to talk to you. You remember I changed doctors...I love my doctor and his staff now.
God Bless, and you are in my prayers. Hugs,Jan

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