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Happy Birthday Kangatoo

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Lisa Rose
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Happy Birthday to Kanga "Ross" Jones from Southern Australia! We used to be neighbors with Ross and Jenn before we moved to the United States. Now that we moved back here to Canada we just wanted Ross to know that we are thinking of him on his special day!!! We will hoist a 4x to you mate!

Andy & Lisa

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Lisa -

You must have a computer for a brain - that's a compliment by the way. My birthday is in August, but frankly I'd rather forget it! My two year NED date (hopefully) is also in late August and that's one I am hoping to see and celebrate!

Kanga - happy birthday (and happy 5 years NED) - you don't know it, but your humor supported me well when I was first diagnosed.


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STRUTH Lisa! How you manage to glean all this information over the years is beyond me gal! Must be ESP or something! Thank you for remembering...I have trouble remembering myself....lol! Yup...51 today and for all you newbies out there in Aug. 03 my world collapsed and I really did think that I would be pushing up daisies in that year. Thank you Betsy for your kind words. Actually I celebrated 3 years NED last month and I BELIEVE that in 2 years time you can congrat me for making 5!
Jen and I just returned from a holiday and here I am on my birthday trying not to neglect you guys n gals.
Thanks again Lisa and Andy,
ps......yah got any idea how much it would cost me to order about 100 ton of snow....we need rain big time!
huggs to you all from oz, Ross n Jen

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Hi Ross - I meant 3 years - but I know 5 will come! Have some of our rain - we have had 3 days of 70 degree weather, but now the rain comes and by tomorrow we have flood warnings and it is supposed to mix with sleet and snow - am sure Spring is coming but apparently not right now!


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We are in serious drought trouble Betsy with major water restrictions. Jen is employed by the CFS(country fire service) and I am a communications volunteer. We both work at our regional headquarters. As you can imagine drought and hot weather are keeping us busy.We are on constant standby for fire callouts and this will continue for several months unless we get rain. Temperatures have seldom gone under 85 degrees faren. since late october, 06. This week things improve a little with cooler temps.
If Lisa and Andy could charter a supertanker filled with ice it would be nice....he!he!
Cheers, Ross n Jen

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Happy Birthday!!Congrats on the NED and thanks for your optimistic words!

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Are thongs on the agenda for your celebration??? Hello to Jen too!!

(I swear LisaRose, you ROCK!)

peace, emily who tips her carrot juice to the aussie!

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hi ross,
happy birthday !!!!!!!
celebrate with a bit-o-port.
many more ned b-days to follow.
be well
never,ever give up!!!!!!

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A special Happy Birthday to YOU!!!! You are special and I know you will be celebrating your BIG 5th before you know it!!!!!

We are still planning to get to you "down under". Have never visited Australlia, but will hopefully soon.



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Happy, happy birthday, you youngster!!!
It is amazing what a difference a few years can make; hope you and Jen celebrate each other and life with NED! And to think, without cancer, we all wouldn't have such an amazing circle of friends!
Love to ya both; and prayers for rain,

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Thanks to you all my dear friends....meaningfully said! Jen took me out for dinner tonight and then to the cinema to see "Wild Hogs". Now being a biker I really enjoyed that. In fact the crowd in the cinema roared with laughter. The comedians did a great job...so don't miss it!
Kerry...I saw on the news this week that some of Texas was in flood....any chance of saving some of the h2o for us?
huggs to yas all guys n gals.

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I have to add my bday wishes to the group. May it be the best yet! Thank you for all your support. I still remember the rainbows you keep sending.

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Happy happy birthday you young PUP!!!!!!!

Hugs to you both!!!

Love, Lisa P.

Posts: 544
Joined: Jun 2004

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you had a great one.

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Happy Birthday Ross!!!

You gonna put some shrimps on the barbie?


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Happy happy birthday Ross, you really are just a spring chicken. Wish I could send you some rain, but we are not having any either up here in the North of NZ.
You and Jen keep safe, lots of love Virginia.

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