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New and Unsure?

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HI everyone , wow I have NO idea about all these things that ya'll are talking about types and such I am sure I soon will . I was diagionosed with colorectal cancer in Jan and had a colon resection . my oncologist says it was or is stage 2 and I start chemo on the 28th . I have learned more today and I am not sure my positive attitude is going to hold out . I have been feeling lucky to be alive but now I think I have a long road ahead . anyway I am glad you guys are out there . Thanks

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sassyrascal..You need to have a positive attitude. I had stage 3 colorectal in 1996. I am 11 years clean.. It can happen. Postiive attitude brings positive things.. hang in there. You can learn alot from this site.. Just remember..There are no stupid questions.. Ask,, if you need.

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Hi sassyrascal,
I had stage 2, a resection, no lymph node involvement and no chemo. I have been a part of this group for the past 3.5 years and this board actually brought me more peace, encouragement, and knowledge than anything else I did. Hang in there and keep posting.

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I just want to tell you, as I am sure your doctors already have, that you have a very good prognosis and there is no reason to think that you have a long road ahead. It is probably the mental aspects that are harder to deal with than the physical. I know that having had cancer really shakes a person, mentally. Like I said though, just keep your positive attitude because before you know it all this will be in the past and you will be able to get on with the rest of your life.
Take care and welcome to the forums,

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Welcome to our family Sassy. I was also stage 2, dx'd back in Aug. 03, with a resection and chemo the menu for my healing. There is a road to recovery but no one here will tell you it s easy......just an odd challenge or two to deal with a little fear and anxiety thrown in for good measure. Do not feel alone, our friends here will keep up the support. Oh, and along with keeping up the positive attitude you can also manage to keep a smile as well. At least some times...the guys here know that a little humour can go a long way to helping.
I am now 3 years NED(no evidence disease) and like the other gals who have posted here know full well how you are feeling. You will get your life back.....but try very hard(ain't easy) to believe that it WILL happen.
cheers from oz...Ross n Jen

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Hi Sassy........

Keep your positive attitude - it may seem impossible to believe, but a Stage II diagnosis is really good - you have an excellent prognosis - we always say to ignore the stats, but in spite of that the stage II stats are great. Forget about them and concentrate on getting thru your chemo. Come back here for support whenever you need it - there is lots fo support here.

Take care,

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Hi. welcome , although I'm sorry you have to be here. This is a great site with great people. Your prognosis sounds very good. Keep informed, keep positive ( it helps... a LOT)and above all , keep the faith. Your right the road sometimes is long, but not always, everyone is different. If it is or isn't , you'll have good company along the way. Best wishes and God Bless.

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