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Another Stage 4 survivor

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I was 38 years old mother of three teenagers diagnosed in Feb. 03 with Stage 4 rectal cancer with mets to liver I had 1 large and 3 smaller tumors on my liver. I started out with chemo oxaliplation sp?, leuvicorin, and 5fu combo, I did it every two weeks half way through I did radiation to shrink the tumor in the rectum I had radiation for 28 straight days with a continuous infusion of 5fu. I had 8 straight chemos to try and shrink some of the liver tumors before a liver resection in Jan. 04. January 04 they did the liver resection and removed 10 % of my right lobe in my liver. (Since then liver has grown back it regenerates itself) The mass in rectum was very low near the base 2cm. mass I was very lucky not to need a permanent colostomy. The radiation was able to shrink the rectal mass totally no visible signs so no real surgery. However after close following about 6 months later it seemed that a small trace of the rectal mass might have not been totally gone so I went in for an outpatient transanal excision to remove what the colorectal surgeon saw. I was told from that point that everything was removed and I now had clean margins. Following my liver resection I believe 6 or 8 weeks later, (it gets kinda blurry you try and forget this part of your life like a bad dream) I had 4 more chemo's giving me a total of 12 from start to finish. Since all of this thank you GOD I have been doing very well. I go to the oncologist every couple of months and he sends me for PET scans, MRI's & CT's they have all been clear. I go every 6 weeks for blood work still. Just recently had a colonoscopy and a sigmoid and every thing in that department checks out. Also just recently had a mammogram have a check-up with oncologist on the 22nd of March we'll see what he has in store for me then. Doreen

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Doreen. Thanks for sharing. It gives me great hope for my husband who also has liver mets. I wish you continued NED. God Bless.

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Hello Doreen,

Welcome, yet, as usual, I am sorry to have met you through these trying circumstances. Reading through your post I am pleased to hear that you were able to have your liver resected (not always an option) and that the latest tests have shown that your liver has regenerated. Furthermore, clean margins are always a good thing, as are clear scans.

Best wishes for continued health,

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Thank you for the news and I'm very happy to hear that you are doing well. I was diagnosed in August 2006 with Stage IV Colon Cancer. Surgery on the 31st and started chemo on October 2nd. I am getting ready for my 12th of 12 treatments (March 22-24), then a ct scan on the 27th with results on April 5th. I am hoping to be able to say that I am a Stage IV survivor also and your news gives me hopes.

The last seven months of my life have been a nightmare and I'm sure your life was the same. Continued success and good health to you.


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Naked happy dance!!!!!!!

Hugs, Kathi

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I had to laugh at your comment of Naked Happy Dance! Especially with the changes this disease brings to our bodies! I was initially diagnosed in Aug 2004 with stage III. Underwent surgery and chemo. recurrence in 2006 with additional surgery and have just completed second round of FOLFIR. I go in for a PET tomorrow, results on Monday. Hoping for some good news! Will be considering the Naked Happy Dance!

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Hi Doreen. There is always a story to tell here and the most uplifting of all are those who have been dx'd at stage 4. Having been dx'd at stage 2 I often have to stop and think...no...kick myself, to remind me that others have had it much tougher and harder than I. To yu and all stage 3's and 4's that are beating tha beast to a pulp. Well done....you are the shining lights paving the way!
Our best to you gal, Ross and Jen

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