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Hi Everyone-

Good news today! Yesterday's scan gave us some interesting results.
1. The largest tumor on Jim's liver (about the size of a baseball) is liquefying! The tumor is actually bigger. It grew about another centimeter; however, the density is different. Our onc. has predicted since December that the big tumor was doing itself in...he was right!
2. A couple of the other smaller tumors on his liver as well as one on his abdominal wall have grown.
3. The other tumors are stable.

We just had a scan last month, so we shouldn't be disappointed with the fact that there's no shrinkage. (Or, as our friend George coined "goneage".)

What we're focuing on right now is the big tumor and the fact that it's basically destroying itself. Our onc. is recommending cryoablation. Dr. spent a good portion of the morning looking over Jim's CT Scan with an Interventional Radiologist. Dr. highly recommends this radiologist, who he said has great experience and is very aggressive. Aggressive is what we want to hear!

We are delighted that we're getting rid of the big tumor. He's also moving Jim to FOLFIRI and Vectibix after the cryoablation.

Things are moving in the right direction. Prayer, meditation, tai chi, a better diet, and chemo - we are on the right road. I believe that doing an integrative approach has been the best thing for us. I am so happy that we're starting to see results!



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    Hi Kate
    I am so glad that you are seeing some positive results. You are moving in the right direction, it just takes time. We are sitting at Mayo Clinic right now. I hope we get some good news today as well. Take care!
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    Great news Kate! I'm sending prayers your way. It's so great to hear good news. Keep being the "stream" and you know what I mean! Persistance and prayer. Keep us posted. When's the cryoablation? God Bless! Diane
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    Glad to hear the good news! Sounds like things are moving in the right direction. I like the "goneage" thinking. When does Jim start the cryoablation? We are in Boulder now and my mom has had 2 of the 4 treatments. It has been a lot tougher/harder than I thought, but we are getting through it. We will be heading home on Friday. I'll keep you all in my prayers. I am soooo happy you guys got some good news!
    God bless-