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Good News and Hope

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Hi all. Just wanted to share my latest CA125 results. It has now dropped first from 600 down to 25 and now has dropped to 14 after three rounds of oral hexalen. I'm praising God and want everyone to know that there is always hope and lots of different chemos out there to help. I still have to do one more two-week round of it (the side effects get worse as time goes on), but I can deal with it since it seems to be working so well. Just wanted to share my good news with you all and say that there is hope.

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WOW!!! What terrific news. And of course it gives you strength to go on, all praise to God. Keep up the good fight. Our hearts are with you. Laura

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That is awesome news, I am so happy for you. And singing Praises to The Lord for you. Now as soon as you are feeling better, lets get together for coffee or lunch. There is another gal that would like to join us who is from the Braham area. She is enjoying her first remission after being on chemo for almost 2 years.

Again thanks for sharing and starting my day off with such a positive note.

Prayers N Hugs Bonnie

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What AMAZING results! Congratulations on such a great outcome. I hope your last treatment goes well and your counts continue to drop.
Hugs and Prayers for continued improvement

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Oh my God!!!! That is the best news I've heard today!!!!! Doing the happy jig dance for you....((((hugz))))..Joanne

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That news makes my day! We all celebrate with you! That's quite a drop in numbers, which is always a welcome sight.

Sending big, happy hugs your way and, as always, prayers for continued success and health!

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Yuppie!! I'm so glad for you...that is great news. Praise the Lord for his miracles.

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Thanks for sharing your wonderful news! You must be pretty tired of the chemo but wow, what a result! I too, have had a good report after 5 treatments of Topotecan, CA has dropped from 50 to 18. I'm sick of being sick but looking forward to some remission time again. Is the Zophran working for you? I cut out the pain meds for the last week and the nausea subsided.
I think the oral hexalen must pack a wallop just for being oral. Hang in there, shortstuff, and good work!

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Thank you all for your good wishes. To answer Paula's question about the Zofran, evidently they came out with a generic version of it and it doesn't seem to work as well. I still have a few of the name brand ones so I'm going to see if they work better than the generic or if it's just that they aren't working as well. But thanks for all your prayers and praises and good wishes. And I'm really glad for you, Paula, that it's working for you too. Take care.

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Emend has always worked better for me. Take it a half-hour before treatment, on top of the Alloxy. If your insurance doesn't cover it, Merck gives it away.

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