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I just got diagnoised with oral cancer and am scared!

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Dont know what to say---found a white lump on my tongue, it is cancer and I go to a team of doctors on friday to discuss treatment. Anyone have mouth cancer? Any encouraging news/words?

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You had biopsy, tracey? And they found it to be cancer? That happened to me. I was diagnosed in August or September of 05, surgery in October of 05, and then 7 weeks of radiation and some chemo too.

It is not fun.

They replaced about half of my tongue with tissue from arm. Along with nerves, so that I could feel things with that new half of tongue, and I do. Amazing stuff!

The encouraging thing is that I am still alive, and I am eating again, and I am working, and I am speaking.

I am living and I am living my life.

As for you, all of that may not even be necessary :).

That, I think, is worst case scenario.

In any event, this cancer is HIGHLY survivable. If you quit smoking and/or drinking. And if they get it out, as they will.

Even if you have to go through what I did (and you may not have to) you will find that it is worth it.

Life is worth it.

Take care, my friend. You will be fine.

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Tracey, I had the same thing about a year ago, less than two months after giving birth to my second child. After removing the tumor from my tongue and a neck dissection, one lymph node was affected. I went through external radiation for 23 treatments and then internal brachytherapy in my tongue for three days. I do have to say if they opt for a PEG tube to help you eat and keep up your nutrition, go for it! It was a life saver! It can get annoying at first, but overall it helped to keep me going! Feel free to ask any more questions as all of this is still so fresh!! I am now close to a year cancer-free!! Be glad they caught it early!! Keep your chin up!!

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I just finished all my treatments for stage 4 tongue cancer and now they want to do Brachytherapy on me. Has anyone had this done to they and waht can I expect?

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Tracey, my husband had tongue cancer but was on the base of tongue...he had surgery, reconstruction, and radiation. He is just his 2 years cancer free......let us know if you have questions after your meeting..it can be pretty scary. Good luck to you....rememeber treatment has a beginning and an end...you can get through.

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Hi, don't be afraid. I was diagnosed in oct 1999 and I'm alive. Drink ensure. It's easy to puke up and swallow. Always after puking drink to wash down the stomach acids. If not, then you'll get a burning in your throat like fire. The stomach acids burned your throat. Then the docs will give you a thick cherry drink for infections? Yeah right. It's like swallowing wet cotton. You can't swallow anything. But w/ ensure, it's easy to swallow. I slept sittig up, since it's easier to get up to puke, then from lying down horizontal. Get sleeping bags. store away all dusty bedding & blankets. Since you'll be puking, anything you drink will just come up. It's just easy to puke up ensure. Think of it this way, it's a way to loose wt. Don't get in a hurry to get fat again.

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tracey--I am a tongue cancer survivor 2 yrs.now.I was DEVASTATED when they first "diagnosed" me and especially since I also had a husband who was going to leave for Iraqi shortly after my surgery (Yes He was there for my first one--2wks later I had a"one day surgery" to "get it all" and THEY DID! Praise God because only HE could have done such a thing!). I was VERY fortunate because I did NOT have to have chemo OR speech therapy. I still have "good days/bad days" and I can tell if it's going to rain BEFORE it even happens by the feel of my tongue--sounds crazy but it's true--guess you could say I have my own "personal" weathervane, eh? ( My doctor is stiffled with it too.) My BEST supporters THEN and STILL ARE--IS MY FAMILY & FRIENDS!I'm there for YOU too! I just went to my doc>May 15th and I'm GREAT-"good to go till Nov '07. How have YOU been doing?(your msg was dated 3-13-07)You're in my prayers as we speak/you read this even now. God be with you even this very moment.Your friend--Flutters

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Hi Tracy!

In 2011 I heard those same words pronounced to me regarding a lump found.

I assure you it is scary indeed but with proper focus and "out-side-the-box-thinking" you can discover amazing ways to manage the journey. 

My biggest enemy was fear of the unknown. Know that I understand and I'm with you on your healing journey.


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