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Just what I needed.....thanks !

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Oh God is good !!! I was going to post that today ( for the 2nd time since I was dx) I had a "bad" experience with a family Dr. To make my story short, I had to go to the emergency room tonite because of an ear infection....of course , as u all know, we have to write down our "history"...when the Dr. walked in...he asked...what stage are you....but u are sooo young....i'm sorry... Do not get me wrong..he was one of the sweetest Dr. I have ever met....the problem...they look at me like my days are counted....and its the second time that I get this reaction from a family Dr....of course...I ended up crying like a baby in my car....thinking..."Am I kidding myself ????? But THEN...I come here...to tell "my story"...and look what I find.....A BUNCH OF NED !!!!!!!!!!!My ct will be this Thursday...please pray...

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Yes, I know what you mean. I have found drs are the worst ones to react like that. I, too, love to come to this board and see all the survivors, it encourages me so.

Yes, God is very good!!

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Yes, I have the same thing happen to me with each new doctor or nurse that I encounter (or person, for that matter). I make sure that I am ADAMANT about the fact that I am absolutely fine and that I am going to be fine.

I just hate the look they get.

It is so frusterating that more and more of us are getting colon cancer below age 50 and doctors are still shocked when they hear your story. I tell every doctor or nurse to start looking at who is getting it these days to show how many are below 50.

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