CAT scan results...

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Hi everyone,

I just wanted to let you all know that my dad received his CAT scan results today and he continues to be NED!!!

Dad was diagnosed Dec., 05, surgery, then told stage IV with liver mets last March. Went through six months of chemo, became NED in July.

This is wonderful news for us (especially me since I am going to be induced to have my second child tomorrow). I can now relax and focus on having a smooth labor.

Thank you so much to those who prayed for us. Please continue to pray that everything goes well with the baby. You are all always in my prayers.

God bless,



  • betina61
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    Hi Lee, I am so happy for your Dad and you,is wonderful that you had the results before the baby was due,so that you can relax and enjoy to the fullest that great moment.My prayers are with all of you(baby included)
  • hicarm
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    YEA!!! You must be so relieved. Go and celebrate. Enjoy the new baby!

  • Betsydoglover
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    Hi Lee -

    What great news. Wishing you a good labor and wonderful life with your new baby.

  • scouty
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    Great news Lee and we expect some photos of the new youngster!!!

    Lisa P
  • hopefulone
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    Pink that is wonderful news!! Congratulations and double congrats for tomorrow! Keep us posted. All the best!
  • ruggersocks
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    Give your dad extra hugs from all of us. Wonderful, wonderful news!

    And good luck with your inducement.

    Many happy wishes,
  • alta29
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    another weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  • CAMaura
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    So very happy for you - all of you!!!
    Take care - Maura
  • taraHK
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    What wonderful news. And what great timing. Enjoy that baby! Take care of yourself!
  • valeriec
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    What wonderful news!!! Keeping you all in my prayers!
    God bless-