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Calling on all stage 3 :)

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I really like reading about how well the 4's were doing, it's so encouraging! Now let's hear from the all stage 3's! Tell us if you were a 3 - A,B,or C.
I am a 3c, dx'd 7/06 had sigmoid with 18 inches removed, folllowed by folfox 6.
Could only tolerate 8 of 12 tx's the last 4 were at 25% but CEA is 1.7 and CT was NEDin Feb 07!
I'm take nothing and I'm waitng for CEA again in 3 months!

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Stage III (a, I think but not sure) One node positive dx 10/05/04.

Completed 12 treatments of Folfox in 04/05.

Cancer free since surgery to resect colon on 10/08/04.

CT and Bloods scheduled again the end of May.

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I was diagnosed with rectal cancer 3/17/03. WOW it has been almost 4 years. YIPPEE!!!!
5 weeks of continuous chemo with daily radiation. Surgery was low anterior resection with temporary ileostomy. I had a reversal 8 weeks later. I then had only 4 out of 12 chemo treatments 5FU and leukovorin because I had diarrhea so bad I ended up in hospital and on TPN (IV nutrition). I had no more chemo but continued with diarrhea, incontinence, way too much time in bathroom. It was affecting my quality of life. 1/05 I made the hardest decision of my life and had a colostomy done---I haven't looked back.

My cancer was stage 3A----T2N1--2 positive nodes.
I have had chemoradiation, 3 surgeries, 11 hospitalizations--many were bowel obstructions. I had all my rectal tissue removed and have alot of damage from radiation. I had 2 pieces of small intestine removed that were damaged from radiation. I have been NED since surgery 6/26/03.

I still have cat scans every 6 mos. last one 11/06 NED and CEA 1.5


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Lisa Rose
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Diagnosed March 5, 2002

Surgery took place March 20, 2002.

Diagnosis rectal cancer Stage 3c with 10 positive lymph nodes. I had 18 inches of my bowel removed followed by standard chemo 5FU & 28 radiation treatments.

Ironically March 5th five years to the day I had a colonoscopy done ~ All Clear. March 26th I have a CT Scan booked so I'll keep my fingers crossed.

For any newbies just starting on this journey ~ Have Faith


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Stage III sigmoid colon (T3N1M0) (don't know anything about ABC)

Surgery 8/01

CANCER FREE ever since!!! WOOHOO!

No "conventional" treatments but completely Alternative Treatments (too many to list here--again).

No CEA so no worries there (a blessing).

5 years and 7 months of NED!

Happy to be here.

peace, emily

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Diagnosed October 2004, Surgery November, for stage III cecal tumor. Seven inches removed and 17 lymph nodes; three were positive. Handled 9 of 12 sessions of Folfox 6 and then have been pretty faithful to a strong nutritional program. Still considered NED; although I have one spot on lung, not growing, that could be inherent to my body and one lesion on liver not classified - could be a hemangioma...I very cautiously consider myself NED.

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I have only just been diagnosed as Stage 3 (not sure whether A, B or C) so don't suppose this post is of much help to anyone! I had surgery on Feb 19th to remove all my ascending colon, the bottom of my small intestine and a tumour the size of a "small football". Three nearby lymph nodes were affected, but my liver and lungs appear to be clear, along with the the distant lymph nodes they removed. I am recovering well from surgery (which wasn't nearly as bad as I had feared) and am due to meet my oncologist for the first time on March 20th. Catherine

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Diagnosed stage 3 rectal cancer 9/18/06, 6 wks chemo and radiation, surgery on Feb 5th. Removed 13 inches, no positive nodes, permanent colostomy. Doing 4 months of chemo FOLFOX and Avastin.
Hopefully NED!!!!

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Aggressive dukesC (stage3c) dx in jan 1998. Surgery to remove aroun 14 inches of transverse and descending colon. Six of thirteen lymph nodes cancerous. 48 weeks of 5Fu and levamisole. cancer free for over 9 years. Maintainance scopes every two years . The last one produced two small 2mm polyps one of which aleady had precancerous changes ,CEA consistently below 1. Stay vigilant ,give it half a chance and it will give you no chance. Ron.

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Stage 3c ... aggressive carcinoma of the sigmoid colon

Resection on Oct. 15, 2003, followed by Folfox 4...130 mg. of oxaliplatin, 5 FU, and luecovorin

Hospitalized twice for bowel obstructions which resolved with NG tube

Several suspicious lung nodes...one biopsied and found to be a hamartoma....other have been watched for over three years and have remained stable

Continue to be diligent with surveillance...last CEA ...1.1

Always BELIEVE!!!



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My doctors say I was Stage III, not sure if A B or C. After radiation 19 nodes were taken and all were negative, they say some would have been positive before radiation?! My rectal cancer grew into the pelvic area.

I was mis-diag with ovarian cancer and had Carbo/Taxol Chemo for 3 sessions before they realized my tumor doubled and then I went to into radiation and 5FU, tumor went back down and they did a LAR, Hysterectomy, Closed a Vagina Fistula and removed the tumor, done October 2nd 2006.

I refused further Chemo and I am doing alternative methods and I have also started pursuing a degree in Holistic nutrition.

In the past 2 weeks I have had a Scope, CT Scan and Petscan and NED and my CEA is .7!

My oncologist no longer bothers me about Chemo and accepts my decision, even though he does not like it.

I just practice "The Secret" law of attraction. I will be healthy and cancer free!

God Bless,

www.runlizrun.com - to read my full story!

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My mom was diagnosed March 2nd, 2004 with Stage 3B rectal cancer - T3N1. She had 5 weeks of chemo/radiation, surgery then more chemo. She has tests at end of this month and we're hoping and expecting good results early April.

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Stage III C- cancer in sigmoid colon, 13 of 27 nodes positive. Underwent surgery, then folfox,getting through all 12 treatments. It's been over 2 1/2 years and I am still doing great. All CTS and colonoscopies remain clear and my CEA was never up. So even with 3c you can do great!

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This is very cool and I hope others come back to check.

I was dx Dec. 19th 2005 during a colonoscopy that I thought they would find diverticulitis. I was dx at 42 yrs old. I had my tumor in my sigmoid out Dec. 20th 2005 (my birthday so won't forget!) I'm stage 3 with 1 node. I had Folfox treatments and only did 9/12 because of reactions. I'm diabetic and it messed up my sugars. Also started getting bad neuropathy in hands and feet. I'm shy to say this but colonoscopy was all clear last August and my CEA last month was .7 so I believe I'm NED.

Lisa F.

Posts: 135
Joined: Oct 2006

Don't know about anyone else, but I keep reading here and I'm following all the 4's too:)

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