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Metastatic Prostate Cancer

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My step-dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer in Oct 2004. In April 06, it had moved to the bones. Two weeks ago, we were told it moved to his liver and lungs. 3-6 months life expectancy. Does anyone know of any experimental drugs that seem to be working for patients with these mets?

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I am so sorry to hear about your Step-Dad. No, I don't know of any experimental drugs. However, you might want to contact the ACS directly. They might know of one.

You are both in our prayers.


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I do not know of the drugs, either, but maybe he can get into one of the clinical trial groups..? Perhaps contact the big teaching, University hospitals and inquire if they can help? I am so sorry to hear he is going through this and my prayers are with him and your family, also.

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Mary, You may also want to contact the prostate cancer foundation and ask to speak to someone. Contact info is on their website:
They are aware of both medical and natural treatments. It was founded by Michael Millken who was given little time to live when diagnosed many years ago. I believe his treatment consisted of hormone therapy (to slow the spread of the PCa) and radiation (to treat the mets). I also believe he is on a low fat vegan like diet. There are several people taking Prostasol (a natural treatment) which has slowed the spread of the PCa - the potential downside of it is blood clots. You and your step dad are in my prayers.

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Hello Everyone,

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I just heard about a vaccine for those with advanced protate cancer called Provenge...It was on National Public Radio, maybe you could go to their web site to find out more...Good luck

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While Provenge did not halt the spread of the disease, it did extend life. Contact info:

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Would you take a look at the site above?

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