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Calling All 4's..

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How many colorectal stageIV's-(mets to lungs,liver,etc) do we have ON csn,what kind of treatment are u recieving,and how many years have you lasted? Oh yes, and how many are NED? Nanuk/ mets to lungs-not growing)/Avastin/Erbitux; no tx 3 months

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diagnosed on 5/11/05 with stage IV colon cancer -- two large colon tumors + enough liver mets to not be considered a candidate for liver resection + one possible lung met, had a total colectomy without an ostomy on 5/23/05, started 5FU + Oxaliplatin + Avastin a few weeks later and a CT/PET scan in September showed complete remission, continued low dosages of Erbitux and Avastin to prevent recurrence, had a recurrence anyway in August of '06 in the right lobe of my liver, had right lobe liver resection on 8/28/06, and have been on low dosages of Xeloda + high dosages of Avastin ever since. As far as I know, I am cancer-free right now, but I have a scan later this month to see if things are still okay.

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My husband technically is not a Stage IV (Stage IIIc).

Surgery Sigmoid 10/2004.
Folfox til end of May 2005.
CEA began rising August 2005.
Surgery for recurrence Pre-sacral space 2/2006.
7 weeks Xeloda/Radiation ending 5/2006.
CEA Rising August 2006.
Pet 11/03/2006 showed 3 pelvic mets (peri-rectal; upper left pelvis; mid left pelvis).
Started (IFL) CPT 11, 5 FU, Leucovorin, Avastin 4 weeks on and 2 weeks off in November 2006.
Not tolerating so changed to CPT11, Avastin and Xeloda every 2 weeks.

Waiting on a scan to see what the chemo is doing before the IPHC surgeon will talk to us.

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Jim is Stage IV, mets to liver and abdominal wall.
-Diagnosed 9/06
-Colon resection - removed 18 inches, plus appendix
-Started FOLFOX+Avastin 10/06

So far some things have grown, some things have shrunk...Scan next week, and another in April. Hoping for great results.

CEA started at 159.1/89/75/64/86/79....

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Stage 4-multiple small mets to lungs.
Currently oxali, 5 fu IV push, leucovorin, and Avastin

Have been on Folfiri and avasatin
Folfox and avastin
camptosar and erbitux
Originally dx stage 3 7/2003
then stage 4 12/2004.
So total years survival almost 4
stage 4 survival 2.25 years

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Stage 4-multiple small mets to lungs.
Currently oxali, 5 fu IV push, leucovorin, and Avastin

Have been on Folfiri and avasatin
Folfox and avastin
camptosar and erbitux
Originally dx stage 3 7/2003
then stage 4 12/2004.
So total years survival almost 4
stage 4 survival 2.25 years (although I wonder if I was stage 4 at origianl diagnosis (no at of chest was done then).

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I'm NED.

Diagnosed October 2001 @ age 33, stage 4, colon cancer primary with liver mets.

Chemo and radiation prior to surgery (Jan 22, 2002).

More "clean up" chemo til June, 2002.

Ileostomy reversed Sept. 2002.

All clear ever since.

Not receiving any treatments and haven't since my last chemo in June, 2002.


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Diagnosed Stage III 12/02 completed Folfiri for 6 months. Remission for one year. One month before my 2 yr. survival anniv. I had a recurrance (11/04) in lymph nodes from my neck, wrapped around my aorta and throughout my pelvis. Went on Oxaliplatin + Xeloda for 3 months. Most nodes disappeared except those in the pelvis. Could not tolerate the Oxil., then stayed on Xeloda for 1 year. Radiation in Feb. 06 for 6 weeks + Xeloda. After radiation, 2 nodes left in pelvis and cancer spread to my liver. Took 6 month of Folfiri + Avastin. White blood counts went haywire and had to take Nuprogen shots weeks off of chemo. February 07 ended up in hospital for 1 week due to blood clots in my neck. Missed 2 sessions of chemo - but recent scans from MD Anderson (03/05/07) show No Evidence of Disease (NED). So it can be done. Hang in there all you stage IV's.


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Dropped by to "look" this morning and felt I had to post to help encourage others.

Hubby dx'd 06/05 Stage 4 with liver mets. Colon surgery followed by Camptosar, levicovin (sp) Avastin. The Avastin was not well tolerated and discontinued. After six months, NED. Three months later, mets to liver were back. Same chemo group again w/Avastin. The Avastin was given less frequently and tolerated well. By Jan 07 Scans were the best they have been since all this started. There was only one tiny spot left on the liver. All others were gone. Scans scheduled again for late April. If the one spot is still there and no others have not returned, they may inject the one spot with 200 proof alcohol.

Hubby is currently working full time (even overtime) and doing great. Any weight loss that occurred during treatment has been regained. His thinning hair has returned to full thickness and things for now is great. In January the onc told us to go home and enjoy live and forget about cancer and chemo (well we have put it in the background for now). Chemo, prayer, and a positive attitude I think are the key ingredients to tackling this beast.

I want those going through what we did all those months to know that there is hope even with this Stage 4 title. Our onc said that he hopes to keep this monster at bay for at least the next twenty years.

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i was diagnosed stage iv with one liver lesion last june at the age of 24.
pre-op, i had four rounds of folfox (two with avastin) and five and a half weeks of chemoradiation.
then, colon and liver resections and left with a temporary ileostomy.
now on round 7 of 8 of folfox.
have had two NED scans, one in december and one last week.
i will most likely be participating in this clinical trial http://www.clinicaltrial.gov./ct/show/NCT00103142?order=1 this summer. the initial screening has been done but i meet with the oncologist in Portland in April for the official screening.
i'm hoping to be able to write on this board in 5, 10, 30 years down the road!

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Dx'd December 05, full colectomy, iliestomy, 12 rounds of Oxaliplatin. Xeloda (could not tolerate Avastin due to wound healing properties), tumors remained stable. Off chemo for three weeks in order to prepare for liver surgery, and two tiny spots showed up in the lungs. Currently on Folfiri and Avsstin. Signs of slight shrinkage and stability. Monica

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Stage 4 20th Dec 1993.

Had colectomy and Liver wedge resection.

52 weekly treatments of 5fu and levamisole.

Ned ever since.

There is always hope!


Posts: 190
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Stage 4 20th Dec 1993.

Had colectomy and Liver wedge resection.

52 weekly treatments of 5fu and levamisole.

Ned ever since.

There is always hope!


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DX with Stage IV on 3/17/06. Found in lymph nodes in neck. Had colonoscopy in Dec 05. Showed
all good - another colonoscopy in April 06 found
tumor in cecum. Since it had already spread to distant lymph nodes - not a surgical candidate.
12 rounds of Folfox w/avastin - significant shrinkage. Then 3 month of xeloda - showed progression. 4 more Folfox with increased Avastin. Will decide at next appointment what to do next - take a break or xeloda with Avastin. Still looking for other people who are not surgical candidates - I surely can't be the only one!

Rita in Kansas

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Hey Rita,

I didn't have surgery for 2 years (it wasn't an option at first, much like you)!!!!!!! Read my personal web page here to learn more about my current 2 year and 5 month NON surgical remission!!! It can happen, I am proof of that.

Lisa P.

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Jim's not a surgical candidate. He's got mets to liver, ohmentum, and one possible near his rectum. He's receiving systemic chemo until he clears up the little ones, and then we're hoping for a liver resection. It's going to take a little time - he's got tumors on both sides of his liver. In my mind, no surgery now doesn't mean no surgery later!

Hope this helps.

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Currently NED

Colon perforated Oct 03', cancer missed but given tempy colostomy bag. Rectal cancer with 3 liver mets and 1 lung met found March 04', 16 treatments of Oxil w/leucovorin, 5FU, and Avastin. Chemo stopped working, stopped it on my own and completely changed my diet and started with some alternatives 11/04'. First heard NED 8/05', kept doing alternatives. Surgery Jan 06' to reverse colostomy along with a foot of colon/rectum, lymph nodes, and to check out liver; lymph nodes all clear, liver clean but a tiny tumor was found where the original rectal tumor had been but surgeon got great margins.

My oncologist says I am now 2 years and 5 months NED (dating back to when chemo was stopped with not recurrances).

Lisa P.

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Hi Lisa P,

I was very happy to read your profile - you have an amazing and inspiring story...

My neighbor was recently diagnosed with S4 colon cancer. He is an amazing person as well and his positivity/ will to survive inspired me to write you. Since it seems you have been thru what my neighbor is going thru, would you mind sending me a note?

If ANYONE has been thru something similar to what my neighbor is going thru, please feel free to share anything one can do to help, both medically and as a friend to a survivor...


Thank you so much - Have a great day!

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Husband dx 09/26/02 - never will forget that day

Chemo/Rad - 6 weeks

Surgery 2/14/03 permanent colostomy

6 months post op chemo

Reoccurance 05/05 multiple spots in both lungs

FOLFOX w/Avastin - 3 months treatments could not tolerate the side effects took out the OXI and added CPT-11 (FOLFORI I think)

FOLFORI w/Avastin - 12 months treatment, stopped Avistan body becoming resistant to it, replaced it will Erbitux for 6 months

Had one month break Jan 07 and now on Vectibux only every other week and still under treatment

Only have two small spots left one in each lung, everything else clear (thank goodness) Onc told him that he had alot of fat around his liver because of so much chemo YA THINK!!!!

He is my true hero as you all are, so much treatments and he is still fighting.

So from initial dx to date 4 years 5 months

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Diagnosed 5/23/05 with large sigmoid tumor.

Colectomy on 6/7/05, during which liver met was biopsied. Thus, Stage IV.

Xeloda/oxaliplatin/Avastin started about 6 weeks after surgery.

After 2 cycles CT and PET scans were negative - continued for 4 more cycles and then took a chemo break.

Scans have remained negative - so, no chemo since 11/28/05. Most recent scans were in January - next scans in April.


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1993 - colon resection...6 months chemo
1996 - colon resection...6 months chemo

2005- Stage IV--My father was diagnosed in July 2005 with multiple inoperable liver mets (about 40% of liver is cancer). Since then he has been on FOLFIRI + Avastin every other week with no breaks.
Had some shrinkage 1 year ago and since then
STABLE disease.
As time goes by he feels stronger and has more energy than ever -(since his initial diagnosis in Aug 2005 ) which I find amazing since I thought the cumulative effect of chemo would wear him down. He just turned 64 and still works full time and maintains a normal life.

Doctor gave him 1 year to live at his diagnosis in August 2005. It will be two years this summer and everything is very stable.

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Stage IV April 05 had 12 treatments of chemo 5FU + Oxaliplatin + Avastin was NED for 9 months recurrence in stomach October 06. On my last round of chemo 5FU + CPT11 + Avastin this Tuesday. Hoping to be NED with my next scan God willing.

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husband dx December 06, stage IV with liver mets. Had sigmoid colon resection mid Jan, started chemo last Wed, xelox, avastin, oxal, iv's every 3 weeks, oral xelox for 14 days cycle next scan 6 weeks, hoping for shrinkage of liver mets for other options.

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1/16/05 stage IV...recurrance 12/12/06. Taking Avastin/cpt11 and 5FU..stable on last ct..next one next week..please pray....

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Dad-lives in Hong Kong and us in Phily. DX in November 2005 stage 4 with liver mets.
Colon resection-December 2005
8 rounds of Xeloda,Avastin,Oxiliplatin.
Liver resection #1 April 2006 with HAI pump installed
Completed more chemo till Oct, 5FU in pump, Xeloda, Avastin,Oxy.
NED till Jan 07
REcurrence with liver mets 5 cm and 3 cm
Liver resection#2 in Feb.
Now is recovering from that surgery. Doctor discovered water in lungs.
Cat scan next week.
More chemo on HAI pump with 5-FUDR for April if water in lung is taken care of.

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dx stage iv 8/05 in transverse colon and with 10 of 36 lymph nodes and mets to liver.
Removed: 12 inches of colon, lymph nodes and 1 lobe, plus part of the other.
5FU + Oxaliplatin + Avastin for 10 of 12 treatments.
NED since surgery 8/05.
New CT Monday and as always I'm a little stressed. I haven't had one for 6 mo. However, I feel so much better after a year without chemo and I haven't taken any meds for cancer since 3/06.
Jo Ann

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Dx Nov 15,03 cc w/liver mets- CEA never elevated

colon resection Dec 10,03 ?-no colostomy

Liver resection Jan 23,04

5.5 wks rads starting Mar 1,04
with 5FU fanny pack 24-7

April started FOLFOX regimine

NED Oct 28,04
continued Folfox till end Jan 05

NED all of 05-took Thalidomide until insurance wouldn't pay for it anymore in October-no other therapy at this time then...

Jan 06 back in liver

Feb 06 second liver resection and back to NED

April started CPT-11,Avastin,Xeloda
Finished this in August 06 except continue on Avastin as maintenance therapy

Scans in Jan 07 say NED!!

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diagnosed march 2004 large rectal tumor, no other involvement. 5 and a half weeks of chemo and radiation followed with surgery resulting in a permanent colostomy. 6 months of xeloda. NED until Oct. 2005 when cancer showed up in several places in right lung. 6 months of folfox. NED until August 2006, back in right lung. Had surgery and went back on Folfox + Avastin for 6 sessions. Had last scans in February and remain NED. I am now completely off chemo.

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Diagnosed Dec 2002, rectal cancer, stage 3

2003: 6 weeks chemoradiation followed by surgery (with permanent colostomy) followed by 4 mos 5FU + leucovorin

2005: solitary lung met. Surgery followed by FOLFOX. Completed 11 out of 12.

2007: Another lung met. Surgery. Now on FOLFOX + Avastin.
It's a bummer to be on chemo for the 3rd time in five years. On the other hand, I"M ALIVE! And I've been able to see my boys grow from 10 and 12 year olds to magnificant 14 and 16 year olds - --

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-Diagnosed 1/21/05 stage 4 mets to liver, five positive lymph nodes.
-resection of Ascending Colon 1/22
-resection of liver 2/22
-6 months of chemo: folfox w/ avaston completed 10/15/05

currently N.E.D. my last scan was 2 weeks ago.

Other notes:
I am 35 years old. I eat healthy. I used to smoke.No family history of cc. The PET scan did not pick up my tumor on the liver! My highest cea was 200. I had heartburn and fatigue for years before my diagnosis. Some friends still think I had liver cancer and colon cancer and some aren't exactly sure what a colon is...arghh. Nanuk, thanks for doing this. I appreciate hearing everyones descriptions.


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My husband - John -diagnosed 10/04 Stage IV

11/04 - 6 weeks 5 FU, irinotecan, leucovorin, avastin

12/21/04 liver resection, liver ablation, colon resection

2/05 - 6 months of 5 FU,irinotecan, leucovorin, and avastin

NED for 3 months
Reoccurence node in abdomen and 2 in chest
11/05 irinotecan and erbitux weekly till 2/07 surgery for small bowel blockage...will start in 6 weeks back on chemo. All is stable at this time.

John experiences quite a bit of pain that no one has ever been able to understand why, so he deals with that along with the chemo. He is always positive and upbeat about the future and our life revolves around it all. We are very grateful for all the advice and support that comes from this board.


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Carl diagnosed 10/12/06 stage IV rectal cancer, mets to liver. CEA 18.

Colon and liver resection 10/21/06 found 12 positive nodes out of 34. CEA 1.1

5 rounds of FOLFOX + Avastin. CEA 2.3

Just started 5 weeks chemo radiation on Monday 3/5. 5-FU 24/7 and that seems to be making him pretty sick. He's been on nausea meds everyday. We were hoping he wouldn't need them on the lower dose. Oh well....

He is supposed to have 5 more rounds of FOLFOX after the rads.

He has a great attitude and is the most positive person I know.If anyone can beat this he can.


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My mom...63 yrs old. Diagnosed 5-15-06 stage 3.
4 treatments of Folfox. Treatments were stopped briefly in late July because my mom had severe depression and failure to thrive. PET showed 5 new tumors. Restaged at 4 in August 06.
10 cycles of Xeloda and 12 cycles Avastin. Initial response was good, but then in late Jan 07, scans showed progression. She has tumors on both her adrenal glands.

Her third line chemo would have been CPT 11 with Erbitux. My mom decided not to do this line of treatment.

March 07-Went Boulder Colorado to Rocky Mountain Cyberknife. The placed fudicials in my mom's tumors that are on both of her adrenal glands and next week she will do 5 days of treatment. I'll let you know how this goes.
God bless-

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I forgot...She has not been NED yet, but we are still praying for that.
Time since diagnosed-10 months.

Thanks for doing this Bud, in my book you're a CHAMP!!!

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Jim was dx 6/06 StageIV colon cancer that matastersized to testicle. 1 out of 27 lymph nodes postive. 12 treatments of oxaliplatin, 5FU, Leucovorin. 3 treatments delayed due to white count. nupergen shots. Just finished chemo treatments three weeks ago. Cat and pet scans scheduled for March 20th and sooo looking forward to meeting ned.

hugs to all

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Stage IIIc originally 2/05; Surgery ,Folfox4 completed 9/05.
Recurrance 2/06; left ovary and small tumor between vag. and rectum removed surgically; Folfori with Avastin-completed 11/06.
1/31/07 all clear. Next scans 5/14. Hopefully still NED. Kandy

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Husband - Stage IV 2003 - Liver mets-Surgery Colon 10/03.
Liver Resection 6/04.
Reoccurrence 2005 - Left ureter small mass (very rare since original cancer was not rectum.
Hoping to have surgery.
Treatments -


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Hello all. Her is a quick history: dx stage 4 colon cancer on 8/28/06. Colon surgery on 9/1 removed 21 nodes, 1 positive. I had a CEA of 17. I had a 3 cm tumor located in right posterior lobe of the liver, by CT and PET. I went on 6 months of chemo (xeloda, erbitux, oxyliplatin) interrupted by a Thanksgiving pulmonary embolism where I was hospitalized. The tumor shrank and going into liver surgery Wed 2/28/07, I had a CEA of less than 1.0 and nothing showed on PET.

Liver surgery is tougher coming back from as they dissected the liver and flipped it over to remove the 1 cm tumer. No other spots were found even though they had seen other spots on CT. Radiologist said cysts and hemangianomia.

Now I am 6 weeks off and then 3 cycles of chemo after that. I don't know if they will change protocol or add Avastin. I feel hopeful as I am NED but obviously very early in this long process. I went a different path than most (chemo first to see the effect on the tumor and then surgery and I was sweating more tumors showing up.

God bless all of you. As a 48 year old dad (birthday a couple of weeks ago), I feel like I might see my kids graduate high school.

For liver surgery, I was suprised how low my appetite is, how gummed up I feel (I do get stool softeners) and how painful the cut and drains were. They used glue to sew me up with other sutures under the skin. Any suprises waiting me those of you with experience?

thanks to all


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11/2004 - Dx Stage IV, 14 lesions on liver, 4 positive lymph nodes, Ascending colon resection.

12/04 - started chemo - Oxal. 5fu, lecovrin, Avastin - 1 year

10/05 - NED per PET scan

09/06 - 2 spots on liver per PET scan, tumor markers normal - started on Xeloda 2 week cycles

12/06 - radiation ablation for spots

1/07 - restarted on Xeloda 2 week cycles

3/2/07 - PET scan - negative NED, will continue Xeloda for 6 months til July.

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Hello! I am a stage IV survivor! It has been 1 year, I am on Folfox with Avastin. NED since November!

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Diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer (mets to liver and lungs) on August 17, 2006. Colon resection on August 31st and started chemo (Avastin, Leucovorin, 5-FU, Oxaliplatin) on October 2nd. Will have the 12th of 12 cycles on March 22-24 and the plan then is Avastin maintenance. Oncologist is very optimistic, as my tumor marker and CEA levels have been steadily decreasing. CT Scan in December showed all tumors shrinking.

I can't wait until this is all over (one way or the other).

God Bless You All

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My father was diagnosed with cc Dec., 05. He had surgery in Jan., 06. Initially scans showed no mets anywhere-only spread to lymph nodes, however, two months later, another scan showed two liver mets. Dad did six months of chemo and was considered NED in July. He stopped chemo beginning of Sept., and just found out today that he continues to be NED.

Treatment: Folfox+avastin (5 months), then xeloda+avastin (1 month). Dad is also on some supplements. He has changed some aspects of his diet but could definitely improve his eating habits. I also believe that prayer was part of the healing process and has helped him A LOT!!!

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Dxd Stage 4 Feb. '04 with 8 of 25 nodes positive and three mets to liver. Surgery to remove original tumor March '04, then six months of FOLFIRI with Avastin. RFA in Oct. '04, NED since. Mike

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Not sure if this post is still active..but anyway..my husband was dx'd June/04 with stage 3 CRC and after 6 mos adjuvant therapy after bowel re-section "graduated" to stage 4 (liver and lungs)...since then
folfiri/avastin (mixed results)
xeloda/oxaliplatin (excellent results for a time)
after some progression will be starting irinotecan/erbitux
SURVIVAL...over 32 months overall and 19 mos as stage 4..AND COUNTING!!!!!!

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I keep reading these. Not sure if anyone else does. But they all give me great hope. Thanks to Nanuk for posting this call.

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Nanuk, sorry I am late. I have been in the valley for a while.
I am class IV.
Diagnosed 03/11/02 large tumor in cecum, mets to liver positive lymph nodes.
Rt. hemocollectomy 03/21/02
Liver resection 05/21/02 with hepatic pump placement(for direct chemo) 60% of liver removed.
PortACath placement 07/05/025FU/LV started infused over 5 days 10 treatments
FuDr Direct HA over 16 days at least two months rest between treatments, six treatments
NED 8/3/03
I celebrated with three weeks in Hawaii.NED was wonderful.
0903 I had pump & port a cath removed.
I had whole body PET scan, CT scan, lab every 3 months. I was also on Liver friendly diet plus no sugar.
January 26 07 CANCER reappeared, four tumors, within the interaortocaval region at the level of renal arteries.
I took three weeks, really thinking about what I wanted to do. I felt led to try chemo once more. If it doesn't help me, I pray I help others.
I am on FOLFOX6 plus Avastin, research drug
I have had three treatments, two weeks apart.
I will have fourth treatment on 04/09/07
one week later I will have scans to see if it is working. I have had difficult side effects. My ONC
does exam, and lab prior to each treatment. I also have consult with research nurse each treatment, as well as Pump off day.
Thanks for keeping up with us!

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Hey - I was diagnosed in Sep 2002 and had colon and liver resection. Participated in a vaccine clinical trial for about a year and a half. My CEA has been all over the lot in the last 5 years. In Sep/Oct of this year I had spots removed from each lung (recurrences but clean margins and no nodes). I've had 4 folfox4 treatments and have 8 to go. Don't like the treatment but I'll keep on truckin. I'd really like some ideas how to deal with the horrible taste in my mouth from the Oxiliplatin. - AlexZ49

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My neighbor was recently diagnosed with S4 colon cancer.

He is an amazing person and his positivity/ will to survive inspired me to write you.

If ANYONE has been thru something similar to what my neighbor is going thru, please feel free to share anything one can do to help, both medically and as a friend to a survivor...


Thank you so much - Have a great day!

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Hello - I am new to this site. I was diagnosed in 2/08 with Stage IV colon cancer, with mets to my liver. I had colon resection and installation of HAI pump 3 weeks later. I have been receiving chemo since the beginning of April. My CEA has decreased from just under 7,000 to just under 50. I am waiting to learn whether my liver tumors have become resectable (the surgeons who must review my info are on vacation) My diagnosis was advanced metastatic disease, a shock since I had limited symptoms, pretty normal liver function and consistently worked as many 10-12 hour days as I needed to. The local doctors who diagnosed me and referred me to a large cancer center could hardly look at me (I am 51 and the mother of 2 daughters who need me) and I don't believe anyone expected me to have the response to chemo that I have had. I have stayed positive (assisted by blissful ignorance in first couple months), exercised consistently, refused to be a victim, and given my cancer treatment the priority that it deserves. While it is still too early for me to declare a victory for the miracles of modern medicine, I am impressed and grateful for the progress that I have made so far. As I struggle to remain positive while waiting to learn whether or not I am eligible for curative surgery, I am also grateful for online communities such as this.

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dx 9/06 with liver mets. Colon surgery and 6 months of chemo (oxy/ xeloda/erbitux ). CEA at 21. Pulmonary embolism 11/06 so blood thinner shots 2 X daily. Liver resection 2/07 followed by 4 months of oxy/xeloda/avastin. Scans find 2 lung mets in 11/07. Lobectomy in 11/07. They recommend no follow up because CEA is less than 1. Currently NED with scans every 4 months. The next one is in Oct. This was all done at Stanford Medical Center in Ca. Good luck all!

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Mom DX Nov '07, colon resection, omentectomy, ovaries removed, gall bladder removed, tumors debulked. Currently receiving folfox + avastin. Last scan shows disease stable.


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