long day yesterday but we made it

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Yesterday, my husband had his first regular treatment. It was a very long day , starting at 10:30 and winding up at 4:15. All in all it went pretty well, except that one of the iv bags had a hole in it and sprayed out avastin all over the place. I thought "this is not a good sign", but the nurses were wonderful. Very friendly and helpful. He is experiencing the "cold tingling" from time to time from the oxal, but says he feels ok this am and he began taking the xelox pills last nite. He'll be on them for 14 days in place of pump and go back weekly for blood work and a regular session every 3 weeks. The regular onc wasn't there, so we had a different one. He said his cea was up to 7.8, but actually when he was diagnosed prior to surgery it was 10 so since we've had no chemo treatment til yesterday, I really didnt expect it to be lower than the initial CEA. It apparantly went down somewhat after surgery, but nobody told us what it was. The onc didn't seem concerned so since I'm worrying about everything else , I've decided to ignore what he termed the slight elevation for now. He will have a ct in 6 weeks to see how the chemo is working and if there is any shrinkage of mets, etc. I've taped the fridge door closed with duct tape( that miraculous fix all )so he doesn't forget about the cold thing and puts a glove on if he need to get anything out of the refrigerator. He's a little "red-faced this am" which they said may happen with the steroids. ( looks like he went to Bermuda) and says he wishes he did). I decided to take the day off work just in case any major reaction. Anyways, just wanted to let you know how it turned out so far. Maybe it will help someone else's anxiety over first treatment. It was do-able. God Bless you all . Will keep you all in my prayers and keep the faith.


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    I'm glad to hear it went so well. I wish the best for you and your husband.