Wonderful News !!!

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Hi Everyone,
Just wanted to give you a great update ! My mom, originally diagnosed January 2003 with Stage III, just received a clean bill of health from her last CAT Scan.. Four whole years have passed already !!



  • hoagiemom
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    Great news.. I hope to join her in 4 years from now..

  • katefm
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    That's wonderful! Thanks for sharing such great news.

  • CAMaura
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    So happy for all of you!!
  • jams67
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    That's great news for all of us! Thanks for sharing.
  • littlejulie
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    YIPPIE!!! Thanks for the posting, it's always nice to hear good stories! 4 years - WOW!!! I'm sure she's happy! Wish her the best from us!
  • hopefulone
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    Terrific! Great news. Enjoy
  • scouty
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    YAHOO Vanessa!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for sharing, we can never get enough good news.

    Lisa P.