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Hi All,

I was just diagnosed with a tumor in a right colon with a size of fist.
The biopsies were taken.
On Monday they'll tell me if any cancer is there. But, it's 99.9999% it is there.

I've found some site from the Internet

It looks as it can make sense. I'm looking at the 7th strategy for now but it looks logical.
I'm wondering if anybody looked at this before.
If yes, please advise your thoughts on it.

I've posted this message to another forum as well. As I'm just starting (the God knows for how long) I'd be interested how people are fighting it and whether sources like that can make any sense. Today is my first day of fighting ...:)


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The web site appears to be a collection of worthless quack remedies. Forget it and just follow your doctors' advice.

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Hi welcome to the site, but I'm sorry you have to join us. You will however, find the best support group on the internet and many long time survivors here, some with NED for years. There are many knowledgeable people here and they will share with you what worked and didn't work for them, but ultimately you will make your own decision as to what you believe is right for you. I would certainly discuss with your doctor, any alternative remedies you are interested in. Good luck in your journey. God Bless.

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Sorry you have to be here, but welcome to the board. There's a lot of support here - and widely varying opinions on the right ways to treat cancer. Whatever you decide to do, you should most certainly work with your oncologist and let them know what herbal supplements, etc. you are taking.

FYI - we went to organic milk, water purified through a reverse osmosis filter, and as much organic food as possible. So far we haven't noticed a huge difference (although some organic tastes better), but we feel good about the choices we're making and we're hoping it will have long-term benefits. We also did some of the more basic things like cutting way, way, way back on red meat and upping our veggie and fruit intake.

Best of luck to you.


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If you read most of this you will find that this is just a quacky website set up to sell a company's supplements. I agree with Greg, stick with what your onc or naturopath suggests.

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Thanks a lot, guys.

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Hi Alexander,

I highly disagree with the quack comment. It's really a matter of opinion in who is a quack and who isn't. Take my experience with an oncologist in Woodbury, MN.

I went for a second opinion to a chemo clinic to see what course of action this oncologist would prescribe IF I did the chemo for my Stage III lymph positive colon cancer. When I walked into the chemo clinic the patients were drinking coffee and eating DONUTS! Now, it's common knowledge that cancer feeds on sugar (insulin promoting donuts) and thrives in an acidic condition (coffee and donuts). So you tell me, WHO is the quack in this situation? The one who is feeding his patients SUGAR and ACID that promotes cancer while he is injecting you with cytotoxic poisons that cost upwards of thousands upon thousands of dollars when all is said or done OR the one who encourages you to take supplements, detoxify your body, ingest LIVE ENZYMES that heal the body and fight the cancer??

I have to laugh when folks claim that it's all about selling their supplements. Honestly, what does anyone think the oncologists are selling? Hello??? And they will bill you for oodles of money. Can't you see through that?

So on that note of who is the quack and who isn't.....I will tell you Alexander that I did ALL alternatives, Eastern Medicine, diet and exercise, took many supplements, juiced for the live enzymes and detoxed. I have remained cancer free for 5 years and 7 months. I only did surgery to remove the tumor and then followed an extensive (and intesive) protocol that did NOT include cytotoxic elements. I have lived to NOT regret that decision each day of my life. Unfortunately my sister was not so fortunate and took the Western Medicine (quack?) approach.

You can email me on here if you are interested in exchanging ideas and I can share my protocol.

peace, emily

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emily- I would be very interested in what you did to take control and prevent a recurrence. also what do you think of the inflammation theory about inflammation in the body contributing to cancer? I have a high c reactive protein level but they don't know why. I was thinking of trying a diet to reduce inflammation?

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There are many good books on nutrition for health.   Patrick Quillin is one of my favorites!   Vern Verona is another good choice.  (Not quite as techie as Quillin, but a lot of great information said simply.)  


Inflamation is an issue with a lot of chronic diseases.  I can hold my pain at bay if I address the inflamation early. If I wait, my body can go in to distress and of course bad pain.  


Eating to add nutrition that your body needs, and added nutrients for your body to fight the chronic disease makes sense to me.  I have Signet Ring Cell cancer for 7 years  and I am holding it off.   We eat only real foood.  No cans, boxes or premade foods in our house.  My wife was on 17 meds for Thyroid and Allergy. She is now on 3 meds!  Her health is better then ever!  We both lost weight and are enjoying life!


We have a couple of friends whom have joined our point of view on the all home cooked meals.  They are all getting helathier.


Exercise will get you out in the sun for your vitamin D, and add to your circulation.  Nothing wrong with that.  


Just a thought.

Best Always,  mike


PS Health Contraptions are a waste of your money!  We do use a RO Water filter for better tasting and no chemical water.

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Hi Kate,


I came across your post and was wondering what methods/approach to the alternative way to healing cancer.

There are so many websites and alternative methonds  on the web and came accross carefightingstrategies.com.

I was wondering if you or anyone had any success following the protocals?




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The orginal post here is over 7 years old.

You may want to start a new post asking about alternatives.

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