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First treatment is tomorrow

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Hello everyone. My husbands first treatment is tomorrow(finally). Please keep him in your prayers. As you can imagine, we are very apprehensive. Your positive thoughts and prayers mean a lot. Thanks and God Bless.

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You are in my prayers. Is your husband in the trial? What combination is he receiving? Bring along a few things - magazines, sudoku, and a picnic lunch. Those are all things that help us pass the time. (Jim has to sit for 4 hours to receive the Avastin...) I know you'll both be so nervous, but try to visualize your husband's road to complete healing. You can do it!

You're in my prayers-

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Yes, he will go for treatment every 3 weeks, take xeloda twice a day for 14 days . He gets the oxaliplatin and bevacizumab day 1 only by iv which is supposed to be 30-90 min, then oxalplatin for 2 hrs. then he takes the xeloda evening of day 1 and last dose of xeloda on am of day 15. then nothing for 3 weeks and start regimen over again. They told us to expect first time to be approx 5 hrs. Thanks for the well wishes all.

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Praying already. Let us know how you make out.

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I'm praying for you. It is always good to get that first time out of the way. For us, it is the unknown that is the hardest. After the first time, you will know more of what to expect and it will get easier.

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I will definitely keep you and your husband in my prayers. I remember also being apprehensive when my father first began his chemo treatments, but he ended up doing better than I expected. I'm sure your husband will do fine. Have faith that God will watch over you both and get you through this.


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I remember my 1st. treatment - right hemi in December 05 [stage III] then Oxalplatin + Avastin for 6 months. 3 months off then 6 more months of Avastin only. The anti-nausea drugs work well. Be prepared for the neuropathy and the reaction to cold things. You do get used to it - even the pump although I made a point to ignore it!

Crystal light is not bad at room temperature. Also, I got in a habit of collecting articles to read during the chemo sessions (and in the middle of the night sometimes)- used to fill a bookbag.

Hope this helps. Greg-K

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thanks for the hint on the crystal lite! It's hard to find drinks that taste half way decent room temperature. No pump at this time, he's gone on xelox for oral chemo in lieu of pump . He did get tingling in hands and feet last nite after first treatment, but today seems to be gone so far. I've had to tape the fridge door so he won't forget to wear a glove to get anything out.

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