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More than the 150

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I am looking at my 2nd round of radiation. What circumstance would a doctor maybe recommed a higher does of I131 than the 150? I understand that if they go higher that 150 you must be admitted to the hospital. I can't get a real straight answer to the risks involved with a higher radiation treatment. My tg was just slightly dedectable. Very low but there. I guess I am thinking...if it didn't work the first time do I need to be more aggressive to not have to do this again.

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If I remember correctly, 100mCi's is the 'gold' standard if the areas found were confined to the thyroid itself. If there was spread to any lymph nodes, then 150mCi's-175mCi's was the standard, and if there was 'distant' mets, for example spread to lungs, or another location then 200mCi's was usually recommended. There is some detail on this here:

You may find some details in either of these documents that refer to the dose suggestions, too (these are great physicians reference ones):
(if you get a 'cookie' message at this site, simply click 'home' on the website, and then try the link again):


Unfortunately, in the US the doses used are often 'fiscally' inclined - as you mentioned, no hospitalization required with lower doses under many circumstances. At the same time, higher doses are also related to higher morbidity issues - more damage to salivary glands, and related side effects... but hopefully some of the above will give you info you can discuss with your doctors. All the very best to you!

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