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Stage 4 mets in spine

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I had stage 2 breast cancer in 2003. Recently found it had mestastisized on 5th lumbar in spine. Not on my spinal chord. Of course it is now stage 4 breast cancer. Have had radiation and am taking Aromasin. Have any of you ever had it to do something like this? If so how long ago? Thanks in advance

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Hi Mazy,
I didn't want your post to go unanswered.I have not experienced such but I really do feel for you.I too was diagnosed in 2003 but mine was stage one ,they caught it early.I have had back problems for quite some time with no real reason to be found - they say probably arthiritis,a touch of Oesteo something or another degenerative anyway.So I am curious , did U have any symptoms? How did you/they find out? I'd really like to know.
I hope someone with experience with this chimes in and can give U some insight.My thoughts and prayers are with U.Anything I can do - let me know...

(((Big Hugs)))

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While I am still in stage one, I too am on Aromasin (exemestane). It makes for its own aches and pains, not to mention I rarely need a sweater on cool days! I have to stay active or my joints get very stiff. Sometimes I yelp when my feet first hit the floor in the morning. But once I get moving the pains decrease to a tolerable level without medication. Ibruprofin takes care of things when exercise doesn't seem to be enough. Keep in touch with your doctor about how much exercise you should do though with a met to the spine. Are you on any bone building medications? Many of the drugs for oesteoporosis are used for folks with bone mets. They seem to not only strengthen the bones so breaks are less likely, but they also fill up the spaces so there is less room in which the cancer might set up new camps. Aromasin is great for reducing the estrogen that fuels breast cancer, but it can also weaken bones. Bone density tests can keep track of how you are doing and let the doctor know if you are in danger of broken bones or not. But you might want to at least talk to your doctor about preventing bone loss and increasing bone density proactively since you have had a met already. Walking, taking in lots of calcium, and getting some sunshine can help build bones too. Good luck!

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