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Help stage 2!

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Need to find someone that is a stage 2 that is also a colon cancer survior like me to talk with, I'm having a hard time being only 1 year out!

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I'm stage 2. I had surgery in August 2006 followed by four rounds of chemo. My original colonoscopy was incomplete as my tumor was blocking my colon so I'm having a complete one on March 26th then a ct scan the next week along with blood work. I've been feeling fine but will be glad to get these tests out of the way at least this time around. I would be happy to talk to you anytime...Mark

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Hi Mark, 2006 was also a bad year for me. A couple of days before x-mas I started having problems my doctor sent me for a colonoscopy which was a large polyp and a few days later I had a resection a few days later I was told it was cancer. I was only 45 years old at the time.
I found a oncologists at Ohio State, he thought I should have 12 rounds of chemo for preventive measures. Labor day weekend was my last chemo treatment. My problem is that I finally get it in my head that I'm going to be ok, then I have people say things to me to bring me down. It's hard because Ive lost three close friends to cancer recently, one with bone cancer, stomach cancer and my best frind with colon cancer. I know that his cancer was a stage four when they found it, but lately I have had two regular doctors give me no hope then I get really depressed. I couldn't wait to finish my chemo and to have my life back but now I seem to worry all time. I don't know how to get though the next 4 years? I know I'm very lucky but people don't let me feel lucky. Hope to back from you, Shirley

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Hi Shirley,

Sounds like you have a lot going for you. You are younger than me (I'm 55) and you made it through all your chemo. I was originally scheduled for 12 rounds but only made it through four.

It is hard when you have lost others. I had an aunt that I was very close to that I lost to cancer a few years ago.

I wouldn't put much importance on what regular doctors say (non oncs). I think my regular doctor thought I would be dead in no time. I don't think they realize how many colon cancer survivors are out there.

I try and focus on what I know and right now I have no reason to think I have cancer. Perhaps I will again in the future - perhaps not time will tell but for now I'm fine. That's the way I try and think about it.

If cancer does crop up again it will be caught early because we are being tested all the time so even in that case our chances of a cure are very good.

I went skiing last Sunday and had a great time and plan on living my life the way I feel - great!! I hope you feel good and continue to feel that way. Talk to you soon...Mark

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hi shirley. I was 43 when diagnosed with stage 2 colon cancer. I had a right hemicolectomy to remove the tumor, all lymph nodes (60) were negative and there was no chemo recommended. it has now been almost 2 years and there is a mass on my right ovary. they are not sure what it is but I will have surgery to remove it and check, maybe if cancer will have a hysterectomy. I am worried but try to maintain positive attitude and visualize a body cancer free. I am new to this site also and have found the stories and amazing attitude of most of the members to be inspiring. please keep connecting we are all in this together STAY AWAY FROM NEGATIVE PEOPLE they are toxic. you may have to educate people about how to approach the topic. stay strong and cancel those worrying thoughts with gratitude about living every day now.

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Hi there,

Fellow stageII-er here. Dx in Dec 2005, 2 stupidly large tumors, HNPCC positive, 8 rounds of Folfox and 8 more rounds of 5FU, which ended at the end of July 2006. Feeling great and living a full life now. Will be happy to help. Let me know how.


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hi shirley,
i was stage 2 dx 5/2004. colon was blocked had emergency surgery,temp bag. resected 9/2004. went thru 6 months 5fu and leu. i found this site while in the hospital and it was a god sent. the first year is the hardest, it does get easier as time goes on. i had a bleeding bout in 12/06 and right away i thought the worst but it turned out to be a fissure. attitude in my opinion was a big part of facing this. it will always be in the back of my mind but i try to go 1 day at a time.
i do have a lot of faith in the man up above. i do come to this site for support and advice. i have so much respect for my extended family here.
you can email me any time to talk.
be well
never,ever give up !!!

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In addition to the support you receive here, the Colon Cancer Alliance has a peer support program (Buddy Program) where you can be matched with someone who is a bit further down the road in their colorectal cancer journey. If you are interested, please feel free to email me off list at aclay@ccalliance.org.

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Can you give more information about the Buddy Program? Not sure I need it now, but could have a couple of years ago.

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Hi Shirley,
I am a Stage 2 survivor...three and half years out. I know how you feel. I was 54 when diagnosed and a single mom. Had a colon resection with no lymph nodes involved so I didnt have chemo. I actually go next week to have my next 6 month checkup. I still get nervous when I have my bloodwork etc and wait for the results, even though I ultimately know I am not in control.

This site is GREAT. I came here after my diagnosis and the people here are so supportive and such an encouragement to me. I have a page and an email here if you want to email me.
Hangeth thou in there...

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Quote"lately I have had two regular doctors give me no hope then I get really depressed."
Struth Shirley....what self respecting doctor would say that!......I am here to tell you that the next few years for you will definately have some ups and downs. By coming here and reading all the posts from our wonderfull friends you will discover that there will be many sad and happy times.Unfortunately that is the nature of our illness.The really encouraging thing is that you ARE going to meet many people who know exactly how you feel and who know without a doubt how physically, mentally, especially emotionally what dealing with cancer is about.
I have been here on CSN for over 3 years, celebrated being NED(no evidence of disease) for 3 years last month! I am a stage 2 survivor! I was dx'd in Aug. 03, was resected and then did 6 months chemo. Cancer scared the hell out of me and in all truth still does....especially at test time.
Quote"I couldn't wait to finish my chemo and to have my life back but now I seem to worry all time. I don't know how to get though the next 4 years?"
Your journey will be filled with uncertainties and as you are only one year out it is understandable that you still have so much fear. Now that's where this site is so invaluable. Will you get your life back? Of course you will but in some small ways not necessarily "life as we know it"....mmmm....I think I stole that quote from Star Treck....lol! Unfortunately Shirley, I don't post here as often as I would like and being a long term "survivor" of this board I often feel the need to reiterate my apologies to my friends here. I do read as often as I can. Now one of the reasons for me being AWOL is because I have indeed got my life back....born again, you might say. Not necessarilly in the religious sense but more so to the fact that my life is getting busier and I am getting back to a somewhat more routine life. Of course I have the many medical personel to thank for that but also the many people here on CSN, especially those that supported me way back when I was first dx'd.I am indepted to them all.
You are certainly fortunate to have been dx'd in the early stages Shirley so that is a huge plus for you. Grasp the information and advice you will receive here with open arms and at the same time keep an open mind. Everyone has a story to tell and each have a "valued" opinion on many topics.
I just got my results from my CT and bloods this week and I want to share with you that life will go on for me....I am still NED....and because I BELIEVE!
Give it time Shirley. The support will be here when you need it......you WILL survive gal!
Our best wishes to you from oz, Ross and Jen

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And one more...I'm a stage 2 survivor...just over 2 years out. Had laprascopic right hemicolectomy, no chemo.

Feel free to write anytime.


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